Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Vishakha and Bobby come to their room. He immediately calls his agent to book their flight tickets to Delhi asap. Mama ji tries to object but Bobby refuses to indulge in any further drama. Sameer requests his mother to listen to him. She tells him to scold her too just like his in-laws did.
Rakesh shouts at Anand and his family members. I am sure you all must be blaming me. I agree that I shout, yell and make mistakes but I wasn’t at fault today. Was I wrong today? I am the father of the bride and no loafer. He starts crying helplessly. I have been getting insulted and mocked upon since the day the alliance has been fixed.
Bobby says we insult those who have some respect. I value my wife and respect her. Sameer requests his mom not to go anywhere but she counters. Mami

ji calls Agarwals strange. We announced well before they just couldn’t take a joke

Rakesh says they had planned it well as to how to insult us. He asks Naina if she also clapped when her father was being insulted. They kept calling it a joke. Anand too is in tears. It wasn’t a joke but insult. I too did not know they will do something like that! Tau ji reasons that it is too late to realise all this now. Do you now realise why I was against this alliance? Tai ji says we thought we will cry when we will bid adieu to Naina but she made us shed tears of blood in her engagement itself. Rakesh asks Naina why she is quiet. You too should taunt me and show me my place! Naina cries silently.
Bobby says what Vishakha’s fault was. Rakesh said so much to her! Sameer agrees she was nowhere wrong. Please don’t go anywhere mom. She agrees but keeps a condition – you wont take Naina’s name ever again.
Anand says I agree I joined Naina and Sameer’s alliance but not on the stake of other relations. Tau ji says we have paid the price today already. Tai ji also announces that the alliance is over with Maheshwari’s if this is how they will behave with them. Rakesh tells Naina to never even take Sameer’s name if she respects her father even a bit. Anand tells Naina that she was a witness of everything was it right? She shakes her head.
Bobby tells Vishakha that Sameer wont agree. He takes her suitcase. Sameer requests his Mama ji to stop them but he suggests an idea which can fix everything. If they apologize to Vishakha and Bobby by tomorrow then I will drop them off to airport myself. He asks them if they agree to it. Bobby nods.
Naina says I agree it was wrong but there must be some way out. Tai ji gets angry at her but Tau ji suggests Naina a solution. If they come over and apologize to us tomorrow then things can go back to how they were. The relation will be broken otherwise! He walks away followed by Tai ji and Rakesh.
Naina is crying in the bathroom. Preeti knocks at the door telling her that everything will be fine. They too must have realised their mistake. I am sure Sameer will make his family agree. They will apologize. Please say something. Naina washes her face and comes out. Preeti again says that she has faith in Sameer. Naina says they must as they are at fault this time. I will listen to whatever anyone will say to me. I will bear anything for Sameer’s sake but I cannot bear anyone insulting my father. Sameer must understand that love and respect are two different things! She receives Sameer’s call just then. What happened shouldn’t have happened! She says the same. They argue about the instance and are only concerned about their own families. They both suggest an only solution – to apologize. He asks her to tell Rakesh to apologize to his family members tomorrow but she refuses. Your family needs to apologize to mine. He ends the call in a huff. Munna and Pundit ask Sameer what happened. Sameer says Naina has gone mad. She knows how her father is yet she is taking his side only. That was just a joke. Let things be. It is ok if they come and I don’t care if they don’t! Pundit and Munna try to calm him but in vain.
Preeti tells Naina that it isn’t a fight between her and Sameer which will be over soon. It is between the elders. Make Chacha ji apologize and ask Sameer to make his mom say sorry too. Naina denies. Naina looks at her and Sameer’s photo. Preeti asks her if she is listening to her or not. She pulls the photo and it gets torn. Naina reprimands her for not being careful but Preeti asks her if she is worried even at the thought of getting separated from Sameer in a photo. Relations are not joined to be broken so easily. You shouldn’t break your relation with Sameer.
Munna enacts as Rakesh and pretends to apologize to Vishakha virtually. Pundit also tries to explain to Sameer but he stays put. He refuses to let his mother apologize to Rakesh Sir. He is at fault. Come what may, only he will apologize! He looks at his engagement ring.
Next morning, Naina’s friends congratulate her on her engagement. Kartik taunts Naina for being too ambitious. She gets whatever she wants. Swati speaks in Naina’s favour. She has a good intention. He asks her if she has fallen in love with Naina again.
Voiceover – Naina:
I remember the day very well. Every classmate was congratulating us but we were only trying to smile. Our faces easily gave away that something is fishy.
Naina and Sameer sit on different seats. They look at each other for a short moment. Principal Ma’am enters and congratulates Sameer and Naina too. She starts her session on behaviour analysis of market. Naina raises her hand. The rise and fall of Market does depend on these factors but there are other factors too which can be responsible. If we take the right decision on the right time then we can stop it from falling. Sameer gives his logic. There is a limit of understanding. Many times, even the decisions taken by smart people go wrong.
Sameer and Naina continue their argument in Red Rose. They sarcastically give order for each other but Naina agrees to pay her bill on her own. We are not so rich like you but we can pay our own bill. He argues that she can if she wants. Pay my bill too if you want. They again try to explain their family’s perspective to each other.
Precap: Sameer, Munna and Pundit see Mama ji and Tau ji talking happily in the park. Sameer thinks everything is fine. We were arguing for no reasons. The elders have fixed everything already.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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