Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Mishti was tensed and runs to temple where she prays for Pari’s safety.
Kunal runs on the road now, looking around for Pari.
Mishti prays for help for Kunal in finding Pari. Kunal looked around the markets, inquiring various people about her.
Pari was being taken in the van.
Mishti place her favorite bracelet into the temple room and prays for Pari’s safety, she also vows not to eat chocolate as well. Mauli and Ishaan came into the room. Mauli smiles watching her daughter pray so maturely and heartily.
Kunal watches all the missed calls in his car and dials back the unknown number. It was the tuck shop owner and says there was a cute small girl who wanted to speak to her father. He says she left with some men, but those men didn’t suit her much. Kunal

scolds the man for not calling police. The man replies he doesn’t belong to any CID. Kunal asks about the address of the tuck shop and follows the route.
In the van, Pari was sure Kunal must have called back at tuck shop. She decides to leave some signals across the path of her van so that her Buddy fetches her. She hangs one of her show on the van. The van passes by Kunal’s car, he notices Pari’s shoe hanging with the van. He shouts at the van owner to stop the van, and calls Pari. The goons notice the shoe was hung behind the van, and races the van. The van driver rashly twists the van but Kunal stops his car right in front of the van. The goons come to fight Kunal but he aggressively roars, then punches the three of them hard. Pari calls his name from behind and was crying in the van. Kunal reaches Pari and emotionally picks her into his arms, hugging and kiss her face. The goons hold Kunal from behind. He shouts at Pari to run from here. Pari runs the opposite direction, then stops by and calls Buddy! Kunal now fights defensively. He looks towards Pari smiling at himself. Pari yells as a goon pointed a gun towards Kunal. Kunal watches Pari retreat and cry from a distance.
At home, the flame in the temple goes out. Radhika runs to save it but was unable to do so.
The bullet was fired straight into Kunal’s chest. He rolls down the cliff. A mob comes running from the other side, the goons flee. Pari and others reach the edge of the cliff, Pari yells Buddy! Tears floating her face.
Dida and Radhika were tensed and prays for the safety of her children.
Sandhya was happy for Mauli and Ishaan. Sweety says Sandhya has now been promoted, there will soon be a new daughter in law. Sandhya allows Mauli and Ishaan to celebrate with each other and go for a long drive to spend time together. Sweety says they have now got official license. Mauli’s phone bell rings again. Ishaan says its from an unknown number, may be its an emergency. Mauli takes the call but was shocked to hear the news, the phone drops her hand. She murmurs Kunal’s name and leaves the house. Ishaan takes the phone and runs out of the house behind Mauli.
Radhika was at the site of accident and in disbelief. The inspector says they are finding Kunal as per local’s information. He was shot with a bullet and rolled down. It’s a wide area. Radhika screams for Kunal’s name. Mauli and Ishaan also reach the venue.

PRECAP: Mauli reaches Radhika. Radhika says the inspector says Kunal was shot and fell down the cliff. Ishaan watch the ladies stoned. Ishaan receives the belongings of Kunal. The inspector announces he fears Kunal is no more.
Update Credit to: Sona

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