Ishqbaaz 21st January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Pandit says Shivaansh’s would be wife will be one in a million. He says your journey won’t be easy but life will be beautiful, you both will face the problems and defeat them too. Shivaansh says you talk typical things. Pandit says I m saying whatever is written in this, Nani’s Mannat will be fulfilled. Dhruv says it sounds so cool. Radhika says she will be like Shivaansh, she will be a princess. The girl is seen washing her clothes. Jo dil se lage…..plays…. Radhika says she will be perfect. Dhruv says you mean she won’t do any mistake. The girl drops the plate and sweeps the broken pieces of the plate. Shivani says she will be a health freak. The girl makes a smiley. Dhruv says she will have solution of everything. Nani asks where is that girl hiding.
Shivaansh says let her

be hidden, focus on Shivani’s marriage. He asks pandit to find best date for Shivani and Angad’s marriage. He says I got a call from agency. They are sending someone as replacement to Sharda, she will be coming. He goes. A lady comes home and asks about the entry to Oberoi mansion. The man shows her the direction. She thanks him and goes. The lady falls inside the pit. The man goes and puts soil over her. The lady shouts for help. Nani thanks pandit. He leaves. Nani says I got a big relief after hearing pandit ji saying about Shivaansh. Dhruv says he doesn’t want to get married, he gets angry on hearing about marriage, is he commitment phobic. Shivani says maybe he likes someone else. Shivaansh comes. Radhika says we were talking about your love life. Dhruv says we can’t talk few things to girls, tell me who is your Mannat.

Shivaansh asks what’s this going on, its Shivani’s marriage happening, focus on her. He asks where is that girl. They tease him saying your Mannat. He says I m talking about Sharda’s replacement. The man fills the pit and buries the lady. Her phone is fallen out. The man crushes the phone. Nani gets dizzy and says just Sharda used to give me medicines. Shivaansh asks why didn’t that lady reach here. Nani worries and asks what’s happening, what will happen if there is some bad omen. She prays that the house fills with happiness again. A little girl Munni comes and asks why did you clean the utensil, you are our relative, this is my work, if Bhabhi sees this, she will beat me. The girl does shayari. She says I will call child labor cell and then Bhabhi will go to jail. She asks will you see magic. She blows the bubbles and plays with Munni. She does shayari again and hugs Munni.
Shivaansh asks Singh to postpone the meeting. He rushes and sees Aasya. He asks are you fine, where did you go, what happened. Aasya says my dad was unwell, I had to go immediately, he is better now. He asks Khanna to transfer funds to her account. She says I will manage. He says no need to manage. She cries and says I have to be with my dad now, I won’t be able to continue this job. He says its fine, just relax, I know your dad is your priorities, just call me when you want to come back, we are really going to miss you. She says I will miss you all too. He hugs her and says I will be always there for you, thanks. Avi says we will miss you and hugs her. She cries and thinks Shivaansh is really nice, sorry, I m not able to say the truth, I wish he comes to know that there is an enemy hiding in the house, if I say something, that enemy will kill my family, I will pray that Shivaansh stays happy.
The girl sends salad and makes beetroot juice. She sees Bhabhi scolding Munni. She stops Bhabhi. Bhabhi says she has broken expensive crockery. The girl makes Munni apologize. The ladies taunt her. Bhabhi says she has come here to stay, I had to keep her, since she is my husband’s cousin. She scolds Munni and asks her to leave. The girl asks where will Munni go. Bhabhi says let her go anywhere. They argue. The girl says I will also leave if you oust Munni. Chinki Bhabhi asks her to leave and calls her an orphan. She insults the girl.
The girl aims a stone. Shivaansh gets hit. She turns and leaves. He turns to see her.
Update Credit to: Amena

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