Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Bela tells Sameer she has a condition. He happily accepts it. She tells him to find a guy just like himself for Preeti. He gets confused. Maheshwari? They all smile. Sameer accepts the responsibility of Preeti’s marriage. Bela says I wont let you live in peace if you forget it. Anand smiles. She is an expert in that. Sameer begins to go when Preeti teases him to have tinde first. He lies that he is fasting today. Anand joins him in that. They all have a hearty laugh. Bela wipes her tears. Naina and Sameer look at each other sweetly.
Sameer greets everyone on his way out. Naina says you are greeting them as if you know them well. He replies that whatever is hers is his too. He keeps greeting everyone. We got the license now so Mrs. Maheshwari need not be scared. You can sit closely

to me on bike. She reasons that they can still maintain distance. He insists that it’s been 4 years yet they have just held hands and got a peck on the cheek. He holds her hand but she gets afraid of the neighbours. He challenges to kiss her right away. Naina runs upstairs. She collides

Voiceover – Sameer:
That day, Naina ran as if she was running in some race. Love stories start with a kiss these days. Back in those days, we had to wait for forever to hold hands, hug or to even get a peck on the cheek! Take me for example. It was an affair of 4 years and we were getting married but I got nothing when I asked for a kiss.
Sameer drives away. Naina collides with Anand and Bela too on her way. Juhi congratulates her. Bela says she is going mad as if she hit some treasure. Anand nods. She got your nod after all. Juhi greets Anand and Bela too. Bela tells her to freshen up. I will make breakfast for you.
A neighbour asks Tai ji for tea. I will return it to you. Tai ji taunts her for not returning it in the past too. The lady asks them if they met Juhi. Tau ji and Tai ji are shocked to know that Juhi is here but has gone over to Anand’s house. Tai ji sends the lady away and assures her husband she will bring Juhi home. Tai ji drags Juhi out of Anand’s house and takes her with her.
Munna and Pundit don’t let Sameer see the card. They ask him to sing something first. Sameer gives up but they keep praising / complimenting the card. Sameer starts singing Aate Jaate but they ask him to sing a Bhajan. Sameer complies. Munna reads some lame shayari. Sameer is reading the card when Mama ji knocks at the door seeking their permission to enter. Munna says this is your house only. Mama ji says the house is mine but loved ones should also consider us close. Pundit shows him the card wherein his name is also printed. Mama ji tells them he does not want his name to be printed in the card. Elders are not required when youngsters are doing everything. He left the house on his own but neither of us can break the relation. It is only because of Kaku Sa that we will come in every function. We will only be present as guests. The card should not mention any of our details.
Bela calls out to the girls. It is time. Phula Bua will come anytime. Phula Bua enters just then. Bela welcomes her warmly and does a ritual (Pehel Pawni). Preeti stands there holding a small pot over her head. Tai ji peeks at them from outside. Naina smiles recalling Sameer’s request for a kiss. Bela welcomes everyone. Phula Bua explains the ritual to her granddaughter Rinki. When the first guest comes to a house where a wedding is due, they are welcomed as Pehel Pawni. The girls share a hug and also greet Phula Bua. Tai ji keeps peeking inside the house. Phula Bua misses Rama ji (Naina’s mother). Everyone goes quiet. Phula Bua tells Naina she was looking for a Hero for her in Bombay. Rinki says she found one for herself here only. Dadi always used to say that Jiju looks exactly like Hero. Phula Bua calls her Salman Khan.
Voiceover – Naina:
That day I felt like telling Dadi that your Hero is going crazy for a kiss.
Rinki goes inside to see Sameer’s photo. Tai ji gives up. No one is even taking our name!
Sameer tells Mama ji he will like it if he will come in the wedding. I was going to invite you and all of you but now that you are here, I am inviting you personally. He shares that the functions will be done taking care of Maheshwari family’s rapport. All 3 friends fold their hands welcoming him again. Mama ji says we will surely come. You will sit on a horse right? Your Mami and Bhabhi will apply kajal to you then. Let us know if you need anything else. You know how famous your Mama ji is in Ahmedabad! He walks away.
Munna and Pundit tell Sameer not to take tension. We are here. Sameer says now I will get only two names printed on the card instead of all the others – Munna and Pundit. They share an emotional group hug. Munna says we are happy like this. Pundit seconds him. We are better as friends. Sameer reasons that they have to get someone’s name printed. We can otherwise mention “from entire Maheshwari Family”. They agree. Munna tells Pundit to go to Agarwal House for the remaining payment.
Voiceover – Sameer:
There was so much to do and we were missing out few details here on there. My friends forgot to carry the card with them. You will soon find out what price we had to pay for this small mistake.
Precap: Sameer and Naina spend some quality time together.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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