Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Rinki gets excited seeing Sameer’s photo. He is so handsome. I have decided to marry someone like him only. It will be a love marriage!
Voiceover – Naina:
Rinki’s excitement was justified. Love marriages only looked good in movies. In real life, they have usually ended up in books and letters.
Bela gives the wedding card to Naina. Preeti snatches it but Naina takes it from her. Naina reads the names shyly. Rinki and Preeti tease her. Naina rushes to the balcony and looks at it again. She recalls making it in the past.
Munna and Pundit have selected a band too. They check up with the vendor about light men who will be walking with the Baraat. Vendor says 4 but Munna asks for 10 men. Vendor agrees. They offer tea but Munna shows their schedule to them. Gupta

ji enters (card printing guy). Munna realises that he forgot the specimen copy at home. Gupta ji is hesitant about the details but Munna assures him that it is easy. He takes a card from him and changes names in the card.

Voiceover – Sameer:
If there was a department like weather department that could predict the dramatic events happening in future then there would surely be an announcement about the blast that was going to happen in Naina and my life real soon!
Munna hands over the edited card to Gupta ji. The details are final.
Naina is surprised to see Sameer sitting on the balcony. You are here? He reminds her that this is his in-laws’ house too. She shows the wedding card to him. He says I agree that you used to be first in class but your husband came first in printing the card. He shows the wedding card to her and makes a heart around their names. She smiles. He writes similar content on one of the walls. She holds his hand and they go inside. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun plays. Bela walks past them as they feed sweets to each other. Sameer stops Preeti and takes bangles from her and helps Naina wear them. He makes her sit on the swing and sits behind her. They both smile sweetly. They share an eye lock. Preeti snatches the card out of Naina’s hands. Come out of your dreamland. Rinki says even I wish to meet Jija ji. Bela calls them inside to offer the first card to Ganesh ji. The girls go inside.
Tai ji tells her husband that Phula Bua has come to Anand’s house as Pehel Pawni. No one is worried about us. You said that they will come to us but nothing has happened! Tau ji is sure Phula Bua will stop the wedding after finding out what the younger brother has done with the elder one! Tai ji says I wont go to that house. He looks at her suspiciously. She says I will go only when they will force / beg me to come.
Rakesh greets Phula Bua. She blesses Anand immensely for what all he has done for Naina till date. You will surely be blessed. Where are Veena and her husband? Veena is too lazy. Dint you tell her I am here?
Tai ji says Phula Bua dint do anything. We wont be spared if we don’t go to the wedding. Phula Bua comes just then. Tau ji seeks her blessings but keeps quiet. She taunts them both for not coming to meet her even once. You are elders of the house but you are behaving like a kid. Anand is managing all the responsibilities himself as a single father. You are his elder brother. How will it happen without you? Tau ji says he will come if he respects his elders. Tai ji says he made us a stranger by fixing the alliance with Maheshwari’s. Everyone will only taunt us just like you are taunting us. Phula Bua says you are worried only about your prestige. Shall I tell you what everyone has been saying about Veena till now? Even Rakesh is upset but he is still a part of the wedding. Tau ji tries to explain his stance but she reasons that people even get orphans married. Naina is your own niece. He tells her clearly that he isn’t happy with this inter caste alliance. Plus, Anand misbehaved with me in my own house! I am the one who supported him till date and because of whom he is so well placed in life today. Veena agrees to be a part of the wedding only if Anand will come and request them. Tau ji seconds her. He broke the relations but we will still go if he will come to pacify his elder brother. Tai ji nods at him.
Sameer is on call. Munna asks him to go aside and talk. Swati tries to ask him something but he gestures her to be quiet. Pundit is shocked to see Swati and Kamya. What if Munna’s parents see you? They share that they are not home. Sameer shares that the cars have been arranged.
Voicover – Sameer:
Back in those days, the cars were arranged by asking from known people. Nowadays no one would ask for it and no one will even give for it but it was different back then.
Munna says your wedding will be memorable for the entire Ahmedabad. Sameer says someone may or may not remember it but I will remember it forever. Munna and Pundit hug him. Kamya suggests Sameer to leave Naina and marry his friends. It will be good. They all smile and continue discussing about the rest of the things.
Anand asks Rakesh to come as well. Phula Bua taunts him to do his duty as a father.
Voiceover – Naina:
I could recall so many things while offering to the card to Ganesh ji that day. My heart was simply thanking Ganesh ji for fulfilling my dream.
Munna confirms with Gupta ji that the cards are printed. Swati asks him if he isn’t too busy. He says I will be busy for Sameer’s wedding obviously. Swati asks him if he isn’t serious about them. Did you talk to your parents about us? He smiles broadly. I will ask Papa and make Gupta ji print our wedding cards too. Munna tells everyone that the cards are ready. Kamya reminds them that the first card is to be offered to God. Sameer offers to go and bring them himself.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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