Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Wedding preps are on in full swing in Agarwal House. Phula Bua tells Rakesh to do something too but he taunts Anand for not giving him any work. I am just standing up and sitting for the guests. Everyone smiles. Phula Bua praises Anand for doing everything for Naina. Not even a real father would do all that you are doing for her. Anand says she is much closer to me than my own daughter. She happily blesses him. Bela notices Sameer on the door. Is everything fine? He nods and greets everyone. Sameer looks at Naina. He shares that he has come to give them the card. Bela says first card is offered to God. Sameer says that’s what I am doing. He is Naina and my God after all. Everyone is touched by his words. Rakesh looks at them pointedly. Anand hugs Sameer and then goes to keep the

card in their house temple. He also marks a swastika over it. Rinki enters and jumps in excitement. He is indeed Salman Khan. I want a guy like you only. Sameer looks at Naina in confusion when Preeti introduces her to him. She shakes hands with him. They say a filmy line together. She says I have also fallen in love with you. Naina makes a straight face while Sameer is surprised.

Anand returns with the card after the puja. He tells Sameer that Rakesh has the first right over this card after God. Give it to him. Sameer gives the card to his Papa ji (Rakesh). Rakesh does not even look at him. Phula Bua coaxes him to accept the card from Sameer. Rakesh complies. Sameer touches his feet. Rakesh is sure he must have gotten Naina’s father name printed as Anand Agarwal. He looks at the card and then at Sameer. Rinki calls Sameer by his name. Phula Bua tells her to call him Jija ji but she refuses. Naina looks pointedly at Sameer as he introduces himself to her by his name. Rakesh walks out in between. Sameer turns to go. Rinki shouts after Sameer to call at home. I only will pick Jija ji. He makes a positive gesture. Naina looks at him and he covers up.
Anand is looking after the preps. Phula Bua says happiness is incomplete without loved ones. Talk to your brother and his wife once. They have agreed to come to the wedding if you will talk to them once. Anand says I have done whatever they have told me till date but not today. They are elder yet they stooped so low. Bela was begging them but they just turned their face away. Phula Bua reasons that it will create a rift in the relations this way. He does not mind. It has happened already. They can come in the wedding but this time I wont go to their house to pacify them. No one from my family will even go there! He tells her everything. Bela and I wont go there at all. If they think they are the elder of the house, that Naina is the daughter of the house and if they realise their mistake then they will have to come on their own this time! He goes inside.
Phula Bua is doing another ritual. Rinki asks about the ritual on which Phula Bua taunts her sweetly. This ritual means that whatever happens now, the wedding will happen on the fixed date. Rinki says it means release date is fixed. The picture will be golden jubilee hit. The ladies perform their rituals. Naina keeps thinking of the dream that she and Sameer had seen together. She is smiling to herself.
Tai ji says the next ritual is complete too. It does not matter if we go or not, the wedding will happen! Tau ji says the wedding date. She points out that even Phula Bua dint come to call them. Tau ji says Anand is too smart. He would have gotten her on his side too like he did in the past. Tai ji makes faces and steps outside to peek. She hides seeing Rakesh. Why is he carrying all this stuff with him?
Rakesh lies down on a stretcher, spreads some flowers around and lies down on the stretcher after covering himself with a white sheet. Everyone is puzzled and asks him what has happened. Rakesh tells them to let him continue. You all can start wailing now.
Arjun comes to his friend to get some water coolers arranged. His friend agrees. Arjun suddenly starts smiling which puzzles his friend. Is everything fine? Arjun says it is bit better. The job is still the same but the house seems better because of Juhi. His friend talks badly about Shefali. Just then, Shefali’s cousin comes and pulls Arjun’s collar. Juhi who happens to pass by intervenes in the matter. Shefali’s cousin blames Arjun but Juhi says Shefali was equally at fault. Nothing goes wrong just because of one person. Shefali’s cousin agrees. He has no right to talk about my cousin now. Juhi refuses to accept that Arjun can say anything wrong about a girl. Arjun apologizes on his friend’s behalf. Shefali’s cousin leaves. Arjun tells Juhi she shouldn’t have come in between but she reasons that she has a right as he is her friend. He thanks her for considering him her friend and smiles.
Phula Bua lifts the sheet and scolds Rakesh. He shouts at her to scold him like everyone else does. I got birth to get scolded too. I am not like this great guy Anand. I have been declared dead while Sameer made Anand equivalent to God. Anand asks him why he is doing this drama. Rakesh shows him the card. He has put late before my name! Anand reads it loud upon Rakesh’s insistence. Rakesh says he stooped so low to seek revenge from me. He wants that only and so does you (Anand). Anand declines but Rakesh is in no mood to listen to him. You will become Naina’s father. Real father is dead now. I swear I wont come in this girl’s wedding. You only will do everything. I will see how you will do it! They fail in making him understand.
Precap: Anand calls Sameer and makes him re-read the card. Sameer and his friends are shocked to realise their folly. Anand tells Sameer now even he does not know how the wedding will happen. Sameer gets tensed.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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