Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Munna and Pundit are trying to decide their clothes for the wedding. They also talk about the card distribution. They say that the groom should look best. We can wear anything. Landline rings. It is Anand. I don’t know if it is a mistake or a joke but it isn’t right. Sameer is confused. What happened? Anand asks him to read the cards again.
Rakesh comes to his house mumbling to himself. Tai ji acts unaware of anything. Did anyone say something? Rakesh shouts that he is dead. His brother tells him to be mindful of his words. How did this came in picture? Rakesh shares that Sameer got his name printed as Late Rakesh. Tai ji says it might have happened by mistake but her husband says he would have done it intentionally. Anand would have supported him in it too. He wants the real

father to be away so he can act great in front of the world. Rakesh vows not to step in Anand’s house ever again and walks away in a huff. Tai ji and Tau ji smile. Now Anand will have to come here. He will apologize to Rakesh and us too or the wedding wont happen. A wedding cannot happen without the real father. It is a win-win situation for us. Tau ji advises his wife to keep an eye on Rakesh. He keeps switching sides.

Sameer is unable to find out the mistake. Anand points out that he has put Late in front of Rakesh’s name. Sameer and his friends are shocked to realise their folly. I don’t know how it happened. Anand tells Sameer now even he does not know how the wedding will happen. Now I don’t know if he will even come in the wedding or not. Sameer gets tensed. I will talk to the card guy. Anand asks him as to who wrote the matter. Sameer offers to tlak to the card guy. Anand asks him who gave the matter. Sameer says it was Munna but Munna and Pundit have been handling everything so diligently. They aren’t even studying and just focussing on my wedding. It isn’t really their fault. I will apologize to everyone. Anand agrees.
Sameer hugs his friends. They are in tears. He tells them not to try. How will we enjoy the wedding without mistakes? We just have to figure out how to pacify Rakesh Sir.
Tai ji happily serves food to Rakesh. Tau ji tells him that Anand will come to lure him in his trap again. Just don’t fall for it. Tai ji seconds her husband. Rakesh tells them to stop. I am not a kid. I understand everything. They counter it. You lose when you give in. Don’t fall weak again. Rakesh says I have no interest with Anand or in Naina’s wedding anymore. I wont go there at all! He goes inside without eating food.
Rakesh is trying to start his scooter when Sameer and Anand walk up to him. Anand requests his brother to hear Sameer when Rakesh asks him if he can see him. It is magical. You can see Late Rakesh Agarwal. Sameer apologizes to him but Rakesh taunts him for saying sorry after committing any mistake. Sameer says it was a printing mistake. Rakesh says it happens only in my case. Just make Anand your God and pray to him. Sameer requests him to forgive him. Punish me but please don’t be upset with me. I will accept any punishment. Tai ji comes running downstairs and asks Rakesh to come upstairs. Principal Sir wants to talk to you urgently. Rakesh stomps upstairs. Tai ji smirks in Anand’s direction. Sameer stands there tensed. Anand tells Sameer that Tai ji lied to Rakesh Bhaisahab. She knows Naina wont marry without Rakesh Bhaisahab and neither would I. Don’t worry. I will handle the situation now. You have done your bit. I will handle Rakesh Bhaisahab.
Voiceover – Naina:
Bride’s and groom’s yes are very important for any wedding. That day, my Papa’s yes became more important than ours for our wedding. I was just hoping that Papa agrees to come in the wedding.
Rinki asks Preeti what Jija ji likes. Preeti points at Naina. Bela worries as to how the problem will be resolved this time. Rinki suggests marrying Sameer instead if the problems don’t sort out. Preeti gives her water so she stays mum for a while. Phula Bua tells Naina not to get sad. I will get you married. I will see how your father wont come in the wedding. Naina smiles a little. Anand comes just then. Naina asks him if Papa has agreed to come. Anand looks at Phula Bua who signals him to affirm it. Anand lies to Naina. Phula Bua tells Naina to smile now as everything is fine. Naina smiles hearing Sameer’s name. Anand compliments her on her smile. Phula Bua tells her to check everything that she would need at her in-laws’ place.
Juhi comes to take something from Arjun. She notices his cricket bat and talks about his love for cricket. Arjun sadly shares that cricket used to be his passion. It all just ended one day.
Bela shows the clothing and accessories to Naina. She also gifts her one of the sarees that Naina has liked since long. Preeti points that there is no needle in the sewing kit. Bela explains that girls are not given any sharp things like needle, scissors when they get married. Rinki tells Phula Bua to not give her all this during her wedding too. Everyone smiles.
Bela tells Phula Bua that they packed everything except a nightie. Preeti tells her mother to have almond milk. Naina points out that she has packed 3 new night suits already. Rinki is eyeing Bela curiously when Phula Bua sends her to bring water for everyone. Bela says that kind of nightie. Preeti and Naina do the same movement asking her what kind of nightie she is referring to. Bela replies that she is referring to a different one (This is an epic scene 😀 ). Phula Bua says these girls are fools. She shows a photo to them in magazine.
Voiceover – Naina:
Neither I nor Preeti could understand Phula Bua and Chachi’s excitement that day. We wondered why they were getting so excited over a nightie. It might be because we were not so much aware of those things because internet was not so advanced back then.
Precap: Bela, Preeti, Naina and Phula Bua come to a shop to buy special nightie. They hesitantly ask shopkeeper to show them a nightie. Right then, Sameer loudly asks the shopkeeper to pack a pink lace satin nightie. The ladies recognize his voice and look in his direction. Sitara goes speechless seeing them there.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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