Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Munna and Pundit discuss about the guests’ pickups. Munna asks Swati if she will come with him. She tells him she wants to talk in private but he pushes it for later. Sameer returns. Munna gifts him something and says honeymoon. Sameer repeats the word loudly. The girls have heard them too. They divert the topic. Munna goes aside with Swati. Sameer opens the envelope
Voiceover – Sameer:
I turn red even today whenever I think of that day. What could I have done? That age was like that. Munna and Pundit had shown me a dream which was too colorful. Bells started ringing in my mind after hearing that word. I had no idea I will get in trouble afterwards while calming down the bells ringing in my mind.
Bela, Preeti, Naina and Phula Bua come to a shop to buy the special

nightie. Naina and Preeti stare at the different styles of nightie hung on the mannequins. Bela hesitantly asks a shopkeeper to show them a special kind of nightie. She even points at one of the mannequins. He addresses them as heroines. They look at him in confusion. He shares that they have named the nighties as it catches everyone’s attention. He starts showing them the nighties. Sameer enters in the same shop just then. Bela asks for another design. A lady stands between Sameer and Naina so they cannot see each other.

Shopkeeper asks Sameer what he wants. He points at the mannequin wearing nightie.
Shopkeeper shows more nighties to Bela. Preeti asks Naina to call Sameer and ask for his suggestion.
Sameer asks for pink nightie specifically. Shopkeeper is mumbling to himself. Kids have become so shameless these days. He has come to buy nightie for his wife on a ladies shop! He should have come with some woman only. Bela overhears it and calls the guy shameless too (without seeing who it is).
Naina stares blankly at the nighties. Shopkeeper shows a pink nightie. Bela suggests Naina to buy a red one. It suits you very much. Naina asks her if it is important. I have enough night suits. Preeti tells her to buy one. Heroines wear them too. These are so soft.
Sameer asks for light pink colour. Shopkeeper asks his colleague to show more nighties as per Sameer’s request.
Preeti repeats his request in Naina’s ears. She turns to look at the guy and notices Sameer. Bela asks for her choice. She starts diverting her and the shopkeeper to show more. Bela says we have seen everything.
Sameer looks around.
Naina does not let Bela move from her place.
Sameer notices the mannequin and selects that one. He loudly asks the shopkeeper to pack this one. Naina, Bela and Preeti stare in his direction in shock. He lies that he was buying a saree for Naina (holding a nightie in his hand). He throws it away and excuses himself. Shopkeeper shows him the pink one that he had requested for. This is what you wanted for your would-be wife right? The ladies stare at him blankly. Sameer runs out of the shop.
Voiceover – Naina:
My cheeks have turned red because of Chachi ji’s slaps in the past also but they turned extra red that day because of that incident. It was because back then it wasn’t an ordinary thing to do.
Sameer returns stealthily to the shop to buy that nightie.
Voiceover – Sameer:
It is about the time when the stores were separate for ladies and gents. I was feeling embarrassed but I pushed that thought aside and bought that nightie stealthily.
Next day, Naina is unable to hold back herself. Sameer tells her not to laugh too much. I just wanted to give you surprise. She continues teasing him and agrees not to smile but fails miserably. I was smiling more because of your expressions than the nightie incident. He stares at her pointedly. She agrees not to laugh again. You are so shameless. I thought you were simple. He replies that he was innocent. It was you who turned me naughty. He holds her hand. She asks him to let go and fools him by taking JBR’s name. He refuses to let go and inches closer. What if I had bought something? I am your wife. She reminds him that he is her would-be husband. Let’s go. We have to also distribute cards to everyone.
Juhi is checking herself in the mirror when Arjun enters in the room calling out to Naina. He goes quiet for few seconds. They start talking. He gets lost for a while. She makes him compliment her dress. I have seen it somewhere before. She shares that it is Shefali’s. She has worn a similar one in an ad so I copied it. I don’t know if it is looking equally good on me or not. Arjun says it is looking way better on you. She asks him what she should wear in the wedding. He advises her to wear anything. You look good in everything. She decides to wear lehenga. It will be so much fun. I will enjoy it thoroughly. He smiles and leaves.
Sameer and Naina gift JBR their wedding card. He agrees to come. The toppers of our college are going to marry after all. He calls it another one of his lame joke. They get to know that Principal Ma’am wont be in today. They offer him sweets when he cracks another bad joke. They also hand him their leave applications. They ask for 15 day leave. He reminds them that their exams are due next month. Carry your books with you on your honeymoon.
Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and my love story was strange. Books dint leave us even on honeymoon.
Voiceover – Naina:
I was such a fool that I started making a list in my head already.
Precap: Sameer asks Naina for a lip kiss.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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