Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Naina finds Tai ji staring at her. She closes the door from inside and reprimands Juhi for blocking the landline. Juhi ends the call hurriedly. Tai ji sends her to bring water.
Munna and Pundit are looking after the decor and urge the vendors to hurry up. Sameer looks at the house. He says I have been out of a house since I grew up. I spent my childhood in hostel and then I spent some years with Nanu. I later spent some years with my step dad. Nanu’s house turned out to be Mamu’s. Now this is our house. After three days, Naina will come here and it will be our house – mine and Naina’s. They share a group hug. Sameer smiles looking at the house.
Anand, Bela and Phula Bua are also checking on the final preps before leaving the house. Naina is in the house temple. Preeti

informs that the taxi is here. Anand has got a tempo to shift everything. Rinki asks Phula Bua if Naina will not return here. Bua denies. She will directly go to her new home after the wedding. She will come here as Sameer’s bride for Pag Phera. This house is her second home after today. Naina gets emotional.

Sameer realises that he hasn’t thought how to welcome Naina in the new house. He thinks of an idea.
Naina looks at her family members and the house emotionally. Phula Bua hits Rinki with a pillow for not helping anyone. Rinki calls herself a guest but Phula Bua tells her to do as she says.
Sameer keeps a rice kalash on the door. I welcome you in your new house, Mrs. Maheshwari. He practises grahpravesh ritual by hitting the kalash. It wasn’t fun. I should do something else.
Naina looks at Bela emotionally. An emotional song plays in the background as her past moments flash before her eyes.
Sameer imagines Naina in her after marriage attire. He looks at her sweetly as she looks at the house. He lifts her in his arms. They both smile as he takes her inside the house holding her in his arms.
Naina touches everything with a sad smile. She smiles thinking about the past moments. She cries sadly.
Sameer imagines reading newspaper in the balcony and Naina brings breakfast for him. He jumps in pain as he touches a hot paratha. She gets concerned and blows on his hand sweetly. He teases her more.
The screen keeps shifting between Naina and Sameer. He imagines spending happy, romantic moments with Naina whereas she recalls the moments spent in Agarwal House with her family and Sameer. She cries looking at every corner of the house. Neighbours bid adieu to Naina once she is downstairs.
Tai ji tells Rakesh to stick to his decision for one more day. Anand will surely come running to you then. If you bend your head once then you will have to stay that way forever!
Voiceover – Naina:
I lost all excitement that day. While dreaming of my wedding I had never thought that I will have to leave behind everyone. I had never thought that I will have to turn a stranger for everyone to make Sameer mine. I felt like shouting for once that I don’t want to leave any of you; that I don’t wish to marry!
Voiceover – Sameer:
I wanted to just jump in excitement and shout! I was going crazy because of happiness.
Voiceover – Naina (As Naina looks at her house from downstairs):
I was all shaky when I stepped out of the house recalling that this house wont be mine anymore after my wedding. Why does this happen with a woman? The house, where I had spent 20 years, was going to become stranger for me in a second.
Naina sits in the taxi after looking emotionally at her house for one last time. Rakesh looks at the taxi as it drives away.
Voiceover – Sameer:
I couldn’t figure out if it was a dream or reality. It was as if someone had given me every happiness of the world. I forgot everything and was waiting for my Naina!
Sameer and his friends dance and laugh happily.
Naina is welcomed warmly by her friends at the venue.
Tai ji tries to fuel Rakesh’s ears against Anand. He dint even ask once and left the house without Naina’s father. Rakesh angrily retorts that he does not care what happens now. I don’t care. Let them do whatever they wish to. I will also see how this wedding will happen now. Saying so, he walks away. Tau ji tells his wife that he is sure Anand will pacify Rakesh at any cost. Tai ji refuses to let it happen. Anand will be blown out of his mind after what is going to happen!
Precap: Sameer and Naina’s haldi ceremony is going on at their respective venues.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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