Manmohini 7th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Ram continues his vat Savitrhi vrat when guards enter and say Dadimaa is seeking him as doctor wants to remove Siya’s ventilor. Ram warns to keep Siya on ventilator and he will return after finishing vrat. He prepares banyan tree leave garland and wears it. Mohini rushes to hospital and starts her drama in front of Dadimaa that she came running after hearing Dayimaa tried to kill Siya. She continues her emotional drama. Guards return and inform Dadimaa that Kunwar saa is in temple performing vat savitri vrat and ordered not to pull off Siya’s ventilator. Mallika starts her overacting hearing that. Mohini thinks she will not let Rana saa complete his pooja, else Siya will be alive again.
Mohini reaches outside temple and sees Ram continuing pooja sitting in front of tree. He

asks ladies what he should do next. They explain he should tie raw thread around temple 7 times and show it kept in plate. Ram walks towards thread. Mohini shouts she will not let him complete task. Dayimaa’s head taunts her that Ram will even risk his life to save his wife. Mohini throws black magic on thread bundle to break it. Ram picks bundle and ties thread around tree. Sia throws black magic again and breaks thread. Ladies discuss it is abshagun/inauspicious. Mohini taunts Dayimaa that her Ram failed. Ram picks thread again, but Mohini breaks it again with black magic and laughs.

Ram keeps thread back in walks to Shiv ling and confronts Mahadev till when he will test him, he will complete his task with his blood and will save Siya at any cost. He holds trishul’s sharp blades and cuts his hand, walks back to tree and smears his blood around thread. Mohini pleads he cannot waste his blood for sautan, it is hers. Ladies pray Devimaa that Kunwarsaa is risking his life for Kunwar ranisaa, Devimaa should protect Kunwar ranissaa. Dayimaa taunts Mohini that her plans failed, Ram will save Siya at any cost. Guards enter and request Ram to rush to hospital.
Ram reaches hospital and tries to enter ICU when Vivian stops him and asks where was he, sign papers to claim Siya’s body and pull off her ventilator. Ram angrily trashes Vivian shouting Siya is not a body, she is still alive. He walks into Siya’s ICU room. Jane nahi denge tujhe…song..plays in the background. He holds Siya’s hand, and it falls down.
Precap: Ram asks doctor to transfuse all his body’s blood into Siya’s body.
Mohini via black magic breaks machines.
Update Credit to: MA

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