Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Sameer telling that he is tired after working in the house and sitting with his friends. Pandit says we have to get Ganesh’s idol. Sameer says he will go and take bath. Pandit asks what is this and asks if it is love mark. Munna says it is love mark, before marriage. Sameer looks in the mirror and tells that this is not love mark, but it happened as hot tea fell on him from Naina’s hand. He tells that he went with Naina to the Couple’s point, bought tea and sat in the car. He says Police constable comes there, I drove the car in a hurry and then the tea fell down from her hand. Munna and Pandit think that he is lying and ask him to show his body. Sameer takes out his shirt and says he is saying the truth. Pandit says everything will think it is love mark and

asks what will he do? Sameer says how he will sit for haldi rasam shirtless.

Naina is getting ready for her haldi and thinks about Rakesh. She gets upset. Preeti signs Dadi Bua’s granddaughter. They cheer Naina and sing Mayen Maiyi Muder Pe…..Preeti tells Naina that Rakesh will come. Pandit asks Vishaka if they need wet haldi or dry haldi. Vishaka says first wet haldi and asks Poonam to mix haldi in water. She asks Munna and Pandit to bring Sameer. Munna asks someone to bring raw milk. Pandit and Munna go to Sameer. Sameer says I don’t want to go. Munna says it is love mark and will not go easily. Sameer says it is Tea mark and tells that Mami will make issue seeing it and was doubtful that we were together yesterday. Poonam comes there and calls Sameer for haldi. Munna covers the mark with his hand. He tells that once this rasam happens, all rasams will be in clothes. He asks Sameer to smile.
Bela tells Anand what they will tell if relatives ask for Rakesh. Anand says he is worried for Naina as she didn’t ask me even once. Bela says she is very understanding and blesses her. Bua Dadi asks where are relatives? Anand says they must be coming, I have sent taxis. Relatives are in Taya ji and Tayi ji’s house. They try to provoke and manipulative the relatives and makes them against Bela and Anand. The relative lady tells that they will attend the marriage only when they apologize to them. Taya ji asks Rakesh to make arrangements of their stay. Rakesh says ok. Taya ji and Tayi ji look angry.
Anand, Bela and Bua come to know that relatives went to Taya ji’s house. Bela says Tai ji will provoke them against us. Anand says I have sent them an invitation and if they don’t come here then let them be there, I just care for Rakesh, and my daughter’s marriage will happen as per all the tradition. Naina hears him.
Munna and Pandit bring supari etc and give to Vishaka. They hug Sameer. Mama comes there. Mami asks Sameer to take out the towel from around his neck. Munna says he is feeling cold. Pandit says he will not get any bad sight if he covers himself with a towel. Prabha tries to take out the towel and sees the mark. She recalls seeing Naina and asks Sameer if he is hiding something from them. Sameer says I stayed with you for many years, you shall know my nature by now. Guest talks that Vishaka is looking happy. Other guest says after all it is a mother’s heart which brought her here. Sameer apologizes to Vishaka for her behavior and hugs her. Prabha says if you are done with mother and son’s love then let’s start the rasam. Vshaka says yes. Some guests come to Anand’s house. Dadi Bua says we thought you will not come. Guest says we don’t want to get involved in the family fight. They ask if Rakesh didn’t come. Dadi Bua says Beena has corrupted his mind and says Anand is fulfilling all the responsibility of a father. Guest says the father is father after all. Bela says Anand went to call him. Anand asks the neighbor if he called Rakesh. The neighbor says he wanted to come, but Beena stopped him and said that if you want to talk then you have to talk after going to their house.
Anand comes back to the house and is upset. Bela asks if Rakesh came? Anand nods no. Naina looks upset. Anand comes to Naina and applies haldi to her face first. He gets emotional. Dadi Bua applies haldi to her, followed by Bela while others hold the mandap cloth. Sameer is also seated for his haldi and getting haldi applied by Prabha. Relatives apply haldi on Sameer’s face and do the ritual. Pooja makes haldi applied to Naina. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was missing Papa very much and was sad. Sameer’s voiceover says I was scared about the mark. Mama comes and does the rasam.
While Sameer is dancing with everyone. Mama signs Prabha. Prabha takes out towel from Sameer’s shoulders. Sameer is shocked.
Update Credit to: H Hasan

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