Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Pooja announces a friendly competition between the bride’s side and groom’s side. From Naina’s side, Phula Bua, Swati and Rinki go on stage while from Sameer’s side, Mama ji, Mami ji, Munna and Pundit take part. Everyone is having a great time watching their performance. Rakesh also smiles at Naina when she looks at him. Munan dances with Swati and Pundit dances with Rinki. Sameer and Naina exchange cute glances throughout. Naina holds his hand happily. Everyone claps as it comes to an end. Preeti cracks a joke on Sameer and Naina. She shares when her parents got married, her Papa used to wash hands and pray. He stopped doing this after a few days. My mother asked him why he has stopped doing that now. Papa replied that now she makes good food. Everyone smiles. Pooja invites Bela

on stage for the song she has prepared for Naina. Bela and Rinki dance next. Munna and Pundit are seen greeting all the guests one by one. Mama ji’s and Mami ji’s eyes widen hearing the song about a gold tagdi. Rakesh smiles emotionally as he looks at his daughter. Mama ji tells his wife that they got their nephew but they still want a gold tagdi. What a nice game they have played! Naina, Sameer, Vishakha and Bobby also hear it. Bobby says I knew it from before. They are gold diggers. Naina stops Sameer from reacting. Vishakha shakes her head hearing her husband’s words. Mami ji shouts that Sameer will get it for sure. Sameer is about to retort but Naina holds his hand. Everyone claps as their performance comes to an end. Preeti next cracks a joke on Mama ji and Mami ji. They laugh hearing it and complement Preeti. Preeti praises Munna and Pundit next. They are Sameer’s lifelines. She shares a story before calling them on stage. One day, Sameer walked up to them and told them that they washed his new suit with a detergent and it has shrunk now. They advised him to bathe with the same detergent so he shrinks too. Munna and Pundit clap happily and go on stage. Sameer dances with them on Amar Akbar Anthony song. The song ends with a big applaud.

Preeti says Naina asked Sameer one question after many years of their marriage. What do you like in me – my upbringing or my beauty? Pooja says Sameer replied that he likes the way she cracks jokes. Vishakha hides her smile. Sameer and Naina dance on Goriya Re song. Everyone claps as the song ends. Rakesh goes on stage and wards off evil eyes from the couple. Sameer seeks his blessings again. Rakesh side hugs him. Pooja and Preeti choose Bobby and Vishakha next. Preeti concludes the night with Anand’s poem. Anand looks at his brother and heads towards the stage only when he nods at him. Anand says it is true that daughters grow up too fast. This is what I am experiencing tonight. It was yesterday only when Rama Bhabhi had handed Naina to me. She was so small then and is! Anand, Naina and Bela get emotional. Anand reads his poem. Everyone’s eyes well up. You and Sameer should always be happy. This is your Chacha ji’s dream. Rakesh looks at Naina emotionally.
Voiceover – Naina:
Chacha ji’s small poem brought tears to my eyes. When I recall that poem today, I smile and cry at the same time. If you will ask me the synonyms for God, I will only give one answer – Chacha ji!
Precap: Naina tells Sameer she is very happy. I can even give you my life in return of this happiness. He asks for a lip kiss. She closes her eyes and stands still as he leans closer for the kiss.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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