Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Epi begins with everyone getting emotional hearing Anand’s poem. You and Sameer should always be happy. This is your Chacha ji’s dream. Naina runs to give her Chacha ji a hug. Rakesh wipes his tears as well. Bela caresses Naina’s shoulder and hugs her. Pooja and Preeti smile through their tears. Everyone is touched. Munna and Pundit walk up to Sameer. Naina hugs her Chacha ji again. Le Jayenge Dilwale Dulhaniya song starts playing. Munna and Pundit pull Sameer for a dance. Everyone smiles except Bobby, Mama ji and Mami ji. Sameer winks at Naina who ends up smiling as well.
Naina says I don’t know what to say. Sameer tells her not to say anything. She says I am very happy. This is my life’s best surprise. I can even give you my life in return of this happiness. He asks

her if she is sure. I cannot ask for your life as you are my life. Just give me what I was asking for in the car the other day. He points at his lips. She looks around for a second and then closes her eyes. She stands still as he leans closer for the kiss. He smiles. The record which dint break in 4 years wont break in another 2 days too! We will atleast be able to tell our kids then that we only held each other’s hands before the wedding. People say that the end result of patience is sweet. Maybe the kiss will be sweet too. She smiles and runs away.

All the guests look pointedly at Beena. She says you are staring at me as if I sent Rakesh there. What’s my mistake? Guests say neither Beena nor Naresh (Tau ji) is at fault. Till now we thought Anand will come and take us but then Rakesh also left. One guest points out that most of the rituals are over. What will we do? Naresh tells them to do whatever they wish to. Another guest asks him if he wont give up. Naresh refuses.
Anand is taking Rakesh with him to eat something when Mama ji collides with him and drops water on him.
Sameer asks Mrs. Maheshwari if she liekd the house. He denies. You will see it when you we will be married. You will step inside the house only as a married woman during your grahpravesh.
Rakesh watches Sameer and Naina and does not react. He walks away quietly from there followed by Anand. Mama ji wonders how a volcano turned into ice.
Sameer tells Naina she wont be able to step out of the house ever after stepping inside once. You will be imprisoned for life. She smiles shyly.
Mami ji asks Rakesh why he is sitting alone. Did no one look after you? He stands. Naina comes there with a plate. Rakesh says I am the father of the bride. Someone may walk up to me or not but I have a duty to ask everyone. He offers the plate to her but she walks away. Rakesh sits down with the plate. Naina sits next to him. He looks at her. Naina says if you had come today then. She goes quiet as he stares at her. She asks him if he will stay with her like this always. He nods. She recalls that he does not like lady finger. He stops her from taking the plate and eats lady finger. I like everything today. Naina says you never told me that you sing or play harmonium. He smiles. She says I also had a dream like every other girl. I wanted you to do my Vidaai. He says you remember that I don’t like lady finger but you forgot that I like Gulab Jamun. Go and bring it. She nods and goes to bring it.
Voiceover – Naina:
I had cried many times in the past because of Papa but the reasons were different. This was the first time I cried out of happiness because of Papa. That time, I was only wishing that God keeps making me cry like this forever.
Rakesh wipes his tears. Naina looks back at him.
Voiceover – Naina:
I was honestly feeling so thankful to Sameer that day. He had made my dream come true by bringing Papa there.
Voiceover – Sameer:
Dreams are dreams that break anytime. We were so lost in our love that day that we forgot to put a kala teeka on them.
Naina asks her Papa if he wants something else. He shakes his head while trying to smile through his pain.
Ladies of the society praise the ceremony. There was so much variety. Sameer and Naina looked just like Ram and Sita. Main attraction was Rakesh ji. He sang so well. Beena ji sends them to their homes. The ladies leave. Beena rues that everyone is trying to make her jealous. I am already tired because of the guests and now these ladies are leaving no stone unturned to make me unhappy. She prays to God to do something to break the wedding. I feel like destroying everything!
Voiceover – Naina:
That day we found out that God hears both our prayers and curses equally. Tai ji’s curse was so strong that a storm came in real!
The weather turns bad in the night. Naina wakes up with a start and looks outside. It is raining cats and dogs. Bela wakes up Preeti. Phula Bua asks Bela to bring the stuff inside or it will be ruined. Electricity goes off. The guests wake up immediately. It is raining so hard in November?
The condition is same in Sameer’s house. Everyone is boggled seeing the weather. Munna is talking to the band guy. He is talking about cancelling the wedding! Pundit says how will the Baraat go then? Sameer looks on.
Beena dances happily seeing the bad weather. All her relatives watch her. Naresh comes there. What are you discussing?
Bela wonders how the wedding will happen now.
Naina and Sameer look at their respective windows. Sameer has made a fist out of his hands. Munna and Pundit notice it.
There is heavy rain with lightning. Guests remark that it will be impossible to have a wedding in this condition.
Munna says how the Baraat will go in this wedding.
Epi ends on Naina and Sameer’s faces.
Precap: Sameer and Naina’s family hold a puja in their respective homes.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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