Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Scene 1
Guddan takes out revati. Perv says thank God you are fine. Revati slaps him and says I saw your fake love. And I saw my sister too. She jumped in fire for me. She says my sister was right about you. She leaves. Perv says I will marry you.
AJ comes in to save Guddan. Vijay says you two will die here together. This room will be full of poisonous gas. One of you can stay alive with this glass. Vijay leaves.
Guddan and AJ are coughing. AJ says wear the mask. Se says I am fine. You wear it. He says no you wear it. The mask falls off. AJ asks Guddan to wear it. GUddan says only you trust and protect me from everything. I like it when you stand from me. I know you will listen to me and wear this.
Guddan and AJ both are faint. Guddan faints on the floor. AJ tries to break the door. They both fall. Vikay says you two were dying for each other. I am sorry I risked your life. Police arrests him.
Vijay says I did wrong. I never understood love. Durga says to Guddan why did you do all this? Guddan says because this is my responsibility.
Revati comes home. SHe says Guddan saved me. Thank God she was there.
Guddan comes home dadi hugs her. AJ says Guddan faced everything so bravely. Laxmi says yes she saved us.
Guddan comes to her room. She drinks the glass of milk for AJ too.. AJ says one was for me. You didn’t even ask before drinking she says you can get another one. Both were for me. She says yoou have to be smart like me. He says yeah right.
AJ goes to couch to sleep.
Rawat is angry. He says even in that party AJ wasn’t harmed. my sister I will avenge your death.
Precap-Rawat traps AJ.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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