Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Anurag saying nothing will happen to Moloy and Rajesh. Prerna cries. He goes to meet Komolika. Komolika sees him and recalls Mishka’s words. Anurag asks her to help. She says relax, I will help you, I must tell you that your dad came here to meet me before his accident. He asks why. She says he had come to meet my dad for his business, he came here to take help from my dad, my dad agreed to give him big govt project, he kept a small condition. Anurag asks what condition. Komolika says that our families unite, our dads want us to get married. He gets shocked. She says they looked very happy and hugged. He asks what’s all this nonsense, you know Mishka and I… She says I don’t understand this, Mishka doesn’t want to talk to me about you, my marriage is

fixed with you, I m stuck, I m going crazy. He says I don’t want to hear this, tell me if you can help me, Rajesh is critical, can you call London surgeon here.

She says relax, I will do everything for you, you don’t need to return money, you will get the big project, its all in my hands, I will help you, we will save Rajesh, like we helped Prerna before, Navin took money from my dad by mortgaging Prerna’s house, I will return even those house papers, you don’t know that Basu house is mortgaged to bank, Nivedita knows this, I will help you, everything is in my hands, its our duty to fulfill their promise, marry me. He says enough, I came to ask help, you are telling me all this so that I marry you. He says I m not interested in these things, I feel we must fulfill parents’ conditions, don’t be so selfish. He says yes, I was wrong to expect this from a selfish girl, I will solve my problems without your help. She says fine, come to me when you need me. He goes. She says I will cross all limits to get you. Anurag comes back to hospital. Nivedita takes stress about company. He looks on.
He calms her down. She says we will lose everything, what will I tell mum, investors don’t trust me. He says I trust you, everything will be fine. She says mum was looking for you. Anurag sees the news of his company shares value crashing. Doctor says its strange, both the patients’ state is getting worse. Anurag asks what’s the problem. Doctor says I told know why the medicine isn’t affecting them, they are battling for life. Mohini hears this and cries. Anurag and Prerna take care of their mums. Prerna says mum didn’t eat anything since three days, she can’t tolerate this. They hug. She says help me for the last time. He consoles her and says no matter what I need to do, everything will be fine, I promise. He goes to see Moloy. He gets worried and calls Komolika. She smiles. He goes out. Everyone cries for Moloy and Rajesh. Baghban…plays….
Komolika gets her doctor. Doctor checks Moloy and Rajesh. Komolika signs Anurag. He sees the news that Basu publications got a big contract from govt. Komolika smiles. She recalls asking Chobey to give the contract to Basu publications. She convinces her dad. Anurag thanks her. Komolika says I will give you Prerna’s house papers. Prerna comes. Anurag goes to get medicines. Veena asks Prerna to send Shekhar. Komolika smiles and thinks I will marry Anurag, I didn’t learn to lose. Doctor says Moloy is critical, sorry to say, he has slipped in coma. They get shocked.
Veena asks how is Rajesh. Doctor says sorry, we couldn’t save him. Prerna and family cry. Anurag looks on.
Update Credit to: Amena

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