Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Naira being taken for the tests. She sees everyone. Nurse stops the wheelchair near Kartik. Naira doesn’t see Kartik. He is sleeping. Nurse takes her ahead. Doctor comes and says we have to do some new tests. Manish says so you think there is some hope. Doctor says don’t be so impatient, it can affect Naira badly. He goes. Naksh says we will take Naira home with us, we will get her treated. Akhilesh says Naira’s home is one where her husband stays, her in-laws house. Naksh says it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t remember anything. Manish says she doesn’t remember us and even you all, you just don’t try to do anything to help Naira. Naksh asks why would I refuse to you, but I won’t take Kartik’s advice, I won’t let him meet Naira.

says you tried to do a lot, whatever was destined to happen has happened, Kartik also tried a lot and it went wrong, Kartik cheated entire family for her happiness, now he is blamed for her state, I m just trying to tell you that no human is responsible for this, its her destiny, I m also angry on Kartik, even I want to punish Kartik for the mistake he did, not for something which is not under his control, everything will get fine with time. Naksh removes Kartik’s pics. Bhabhimaa says let it be. Naksh says doctor said Naira shouldn’t get any tension. Devyaani says we need to try and remind her. He says we will try with good memories, shock can be dangerous for her, I have nothing personal against Kartik, I m worried for Naira. He thinks sorry Naira, I m doing this for you.

Naira comes home. Everyone looks on hoping for her reaction. Devyaani does her aarti. Naira sees some pics hanging. She sees her pics with family. She asks which room shall I go to. Naksh guides her. She asks them not to be upset. She says I really don’t remember anything. Devyaani says she doesn’t remember anything, still she is concerned for us. Bhabhimaa says don’t worry, this is your house, we are your family, always remember this. Devyaani says we need your permission, we will try that you remember something, can we try. Naira asks why are you asking for permission, I would request you to give it a try, even I want to get my memory back, I m worried. Devyaani asks her to go and rest. Bhabhimaa cries and prays that she gets her memory back. Naira goes upstairs while seeing the house. Naksh smiles and asks her to come. He controls his tears.
Yeh rishta….plays…. She sees her room. He leaves. She sees her pics everywhere. She asks is there no hope, no way that I remember everything. Kartik sees his marriage video. Chukar gai…plays…. He recalls Naira’s words. He shouts why did you do this with my Naira. Manish comes and says Kartik… Kartik stops and keeps the chair down. Naira thinks of Kartik in flashes and wakes up. She looks around. She says I should remember something, nothing is clear. Kartik argues with Manish. Manish says Naira needs you, be strong. Kartik says I m very bad, she is good, why did she make a relation with me, I have hurt her a lot, I don’t want her forgiveness, I can live with her hatred, she should get her memory back and stay happy. Manish says its her decision if she wants to forgive you, nothing is in our control. Naira checks her pics and cries. She says I can’t remember anything. Kartik says there should be some way. Manish says yes, there is a way, its time to test your it again, there is no better way or power, you won’t gain anything if you get upset. Kartik asks what is it. Kartik says love, your and Naira’s love. Manish says just think for Naira, don’t think of anyone, help her overcome this situation. Naira cries. Manish says either accept this or give it one last try and fulfill whatever you want to, make her realize your love. Dadi and Surekha look on.
Naira dances in the temple. Radha krishna….plays…. Naira gets dizzy. Kartik holds her in arms. Chunri falls over them.
Update Credit to: Amena

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