Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Scene 1
AJ comes to Rawat and says you have been too much into the cassettes these days? He says the culprits are very clever. You never know what leads to them. AJ says why is Antra’s candle not lit? He says not today, tomorrow. AJ says I try to forget this day but it comes in front of me. Like she would come and say everything is okay. He says nothing is like before. You have a wife. Guddan comes in. AJ leaves. Guddan says AJ doesn’t even know why didn’t you light the candle. You will burn everything in this hatred. AJ trusts and respects you so much. His eyes get wet while talking about Antra. He says AJ can fool you but no me. He killed my sister. He is fooling everyone. I will expose him for killing my sister. Guddan says AJ didn’t kill her. You have

no proof. He tears are as true as yours. AJ will do his pooja and I wont let you stop him.

GUddan prepares for the pooja. Guddan says all this is done. Lets bring Antra’s photo AJ brings the photo. They both place it together. Dadi says all is done so well. Gudadn says thank you. Guddan comes to kitchen and sees DILs cooking. Guddan says so you all learned to cook without me. She says why did you make peas? I don’t like them at all. Dura says we have to cook for the first woman of this house. She isn’t second like you. Guddan says but this is first for me. THis is my family. I don’t think beyond that. You show me my mistakes and helps me in fixing them. You will make the food. Because no one understands this house more than you. On Antra’s day, I wont let anything go wrong. Dadi hugs her
Rawat his the cassette repair guy and says I want it today. How could you not fix it. He says I am trying. AJ says is everything good? Never seen you this angry. Rawat says a case. Everything is dependent on this case. AJ says calm down. It is ANtra’s anniversary. Go get ready. Guddan says AJ dadi is calling you. Rawat says AJ should be scared of me like you are. Gudan says I am not scared of you. Did you plan or change or are you still disillusion? He says 20 mins are left. Who knows after tasting AJ would be able to do the pooja or not Guddan says you can’t do any such thing.
AJ is about to taste the food. He is washing the hands. Guddan comes running. She collides with Durga and the vegetables fall down. Guddan says to AJ don’t wash. He says why? She says there is acid in the water. Rawat comes and puts hand under the water. He says there is no acid. AJ gets angry and says leave right now. Guddan leaves.

No precap.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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