Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Naira seeing Krish crying. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa pray for Naira. They see Kartik coming. Naksh gets angry. Naira says what do I do, I don’t even know baby’s name, how am I related to him. Kartik says don’t try to stop me, I won’t stop. He goes upstairs. Bhabhimaa says we can just pray for their happiness. Naksh says Kartik snatched our happiness, I m just worried for Naira. She says fine, but don’t snatch Naira’s right, its just Naira’s right to snatch rights from Kartik, we don’t have any right. Kartik comes there and sees Naira pacifying Krish. His shoe lace opens. He stands near the door. He thinks I wanted to take her home and remind her everything, but now, I can’t even make her smile, I m responsible for this.

Kartik touches her reflection. He says I m going away from you Naira, don’t turn and look at me, please let me go. She turns to see. He is gone. She goes after him. He stumbles at the door. Everyone worries. He ties the shoe lace. She comes downstairs. She sees him leaving. She thinks what’s this feeling, who is he, I don’t know his name, I didn’t see his face. She also goes out of the house. Kartik’s car doesn’t start at first. He then drives off. Naira looks on and says who was he, why did I feel like I know him. She turns and sees everyone. She asks who was he. Kirti says he met you upstairs. Naira says no, no one met me, did anyone come to meet me, who was he. Naksh says he was assistant doctor, he came to ask you something, maybe you were busy. She says oh, I felt as if… Naksh asks what. Naira says nothing is clear, but I felt as if I know him. Bhabhimaa says its relation of heart.

Devyaani says she felt Kartik’s presence. Naksh says I regret that she didn’t feel anything for us, we can’t encourage such feelings. Devyaani says don’t unite them, but you can’t keep them away, one day they have to unite. He says I don’t wish that day to come, if she remembers Kartik, it will be bad, she will remember her sorrow and pain. Manish gets a call. He says Kartik went to meet Naira and didn’t meet, he wants to be alone. Surekha says maybe Naksh didn’t let him meet her. Dadi asks why is Kartik so stubborn. Surekha prays that Naira and Kartik’s lives get sorted. Kartik comes to temple. He asks Lord why did you take our test, why did you make us fall in love, we can’t live without each other, why did you separate us, I m ready to bear any punishment, I lost courage on seeing her, I don’t want her to remember everything and hate me, you can at least help me overcome this sorrow, to live by forgetting love and not being together, there can’t be a big punishment than this.
A blind man comes and says even Radhe forgot Krishna once, you spoke about forgetting love right, can you believe this, Radhe did a lot to remind her their love. Kartik asks him not to say all this, what was the result of my deed, when Vasudev gave Devki’s child to Yashoda, he became great, I gave Kirti’s child to Naira, I couldn’t tell truth to Naira that she lost her child, I m getting punished, why did Naira get punished. The man says everyone has to reap his own deeds. Naira thinks of Kartik. The man says Radha and Krishna got separated, they had faith in each other and in their love, you also have faith and achieve your love. Naksh asks Kirti to let Naira play with Krish. Bhabhimaa says we were thinking to take Naira out. Kirti says good idea, we will take her to her fav places. The man says eyes recognize the face and heart recognizes the love, why are you scared, its going to be your decision to walk on this new path. He blesses Kartik and goes.
Naira dances and gets dizzy. She falls in Kartik’s arms. Radha Krishna…plays… Chunri falls on them.
Update Credit to: Amena

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