Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Naina shouts at her Chacha ji that the rain has stopped. Bela kisses her forehead. Rakesh thanks God. Phula Bua has to literally shake Anand to look up. They all thank God. Anand heaves a sigh of relief seeing Naina smile. She thanks him. He tells bher to thank God and Bhaisahab. It was his idea only. Naina hugs her father. Thank you, Papa. Rakesh gets emotional. It is okay. Rains have stopped but we have to do everything from the scratch. He tells everyone to get back to work. Everyone leaves. Naina calls Sameer. She happily tells him that rains have stopped. He tells her that God is on our side.
Voiceover – Naina:
These days, science is looking for logics in everything. They are also searching for logics about the existence of Gods.
Voiceover – Sameer:

was the day when we actually began to believe in God.

Voiceover – Naina:
I understood the true meaning of the idiom Jaan me jaan ana that day only.
Voiceover – Sameer:
I also understood that we shouldn’t do anything in haste. Munna, Pundit and I had done something which we had a hard time fixing.
Munna and Pundit dance happily as they play dhols. Bobby smiles that they are dancing as if it is their wedding. Vishakha says it is their best friend’s wedding after all. Mama ji calms them. Save some energy for the Baraat only. Munna recalls that they had cancelled the horse. Mama ji says you are in a rush to book and cancel things. Does it mean Sameer wont sit on a horse? Munna says he will do it at any cost. Pundit jokes that they can also use Munna as horse if they have to. Munna tells him not to joke and takes him to meet the vendor.
Naina’s family is relieved to see everything fine. Phula Bua pulls Bela’s ears telling her not to talk about superstitious stuff after today. Everyone smiles.
The horse vendor refuses to give horse. There are so many bookings. Today is an auspicious day. Munna loses his temper but Pundit talks calmly to him. Vendor reasons that the rains have stopped which is why the bookings are full. Munna and Pundit decide to check with other vendors but the vendor shouts that they wont find any horse anywhere today.
Preeti announces that the bride’s trousseau is here. Everyone looks at it in awe. Naina smiles shyly. Preeti unwraps it. Rinki looks at the dolls. They are like Sameer and Naina. Anand picks the dupatta. Rakesh looks on as Anand drapes the dupatta over Naina’s head. He smiles emotionally. Everyone else is touched as well. Anand kisses Naina on her forehead and Preeti hugs her sister. Rakesh’s eyes well up. He looks away as he wipes his tears. Naina is all smiles.
Vishakha gives Bobby his clothes. Please smile. It is your son’s wedding after all. He points out that it is her son. She says you too have a relation with him. He repeats Sameer’s words. Remember how he threw the suitcase on my face? She tells him to smile today atleast. We are elders. He refuses to be happy. We are here as guests. It will be better if we act like guests. How did you have a change of heart? She says we are acting like guests only. Munna and Pundit are doing everything. They are distracted hearing the guests ask for something or other. Bobby takes his sherwani and heads upstairs.
Naina asks about Swati and Kamya. Swati has been acting strange lately. They decide to talk to her as soon as they get a chance. The makeup artist tells Naina to be quiet. You must not talk too much while putting makeup. Naina requests her to make her look beautiful than Sameer today. Preeti jokes that one has to be born beautiful to match up to Sameer. Naina asks her whose side she is on. Preeti smiles. I am on Jija ji’s side. Naina smiles too.
The guests are getting ready. Phula Bua tells Bela to get ready quickly. You are the mother of the bride. Will you make everyone wait? Bela goes as Anand calls out to her.
Sameer takes cares of guests’ needs. Vishakha assures the guests that everything will be done. She asks Sameer why he isn’t ready. He is worried about the horse. She advises him to call the vendor but he does not have the number. Bobby suggests going in the car instead but Sameer stays put. He goes to check on Munna and Pundit ignoring Vishakha’s pleas. Bobby taunts her again. He never listens to anyone!
Naina requests the makeup artist to give her a beautiful hairdo. She offers to make a bun but Naina asks her to leave her hair open. Sameer likes it that way. Preeti teases her. Naina decides to go for the look that Madhuri Dixit had sported in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun movie. Makeup artist agrees to fix her makeup like that. Your face cut is also like her. Madhuri’s hair were permed in that movie. She shows the photo to Naina. Naina asks her if she can get it done too. Makeup artist offers to do it permanently. Naina is hesitant but Preeti convinces her. You have to look beautiful on wedding and honeymoon also. Naina smiles thinking how good the photos will turn out to be. Preeti convinces her more. You can do anything right now because it is your wedding. Don’t lose this change. Naina tells the makeup artist to perm her hair. Makeup artist agrees. We will first perm your hair and then do makeup. Naina smiles. We will actually be
Kartik comes to book a horse with the same vendor. Horse vendor firmly tells him there is no horse available. Right then, he receives a cancellation call. Kartik and Sameer’s gang get into an argument over the horse. They settle down for a Kabbaddi Match to decide who will take the horse. Sameer speaks of his promise to Naina. I will go to bring her on a horse only!
Voiceover – Naina & Sameer:
I accepted beautician’s offer. I accepted Kartik’s challenge on the other hand. How much did it cost us? You will find out soon!
Beautician speaks well about perming. Preeti tells Naina she too will get it done if it will turn out to be nice.
Voiceover – Naina:
Did we look nice or cartoon in the wedding?
Precap: Naina is unhappy seeing her hairdo. Will I face Sameer like this? He wont let me even sit next to him. Sameer shows his face to Munna. See what happened!
Update Credit to: Pooja

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