Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Scene 1
Dadi says AJ you did so wrong. Guddan prepared everrything with all her heart. He says but.. Dadi says she does all this for you and you can’t see anything? Who prepares for her husband’s first wife’s pooja. He says I was only loud to her because Durga was about to be rude to her. So I asked her to leave.
Rawat comes to Guddan and says AJ doesn’t respect his wives. He can only make people cry. Guddan says why can’t you mind your own business? He was never even verbally abusive to me why would he kill his wife? He says you will know all your answers today.
The pooja starts. Rawat lits the candle. Guddan said to Rawat anything can happen in 10 minutes. I will ruin all your plans and AJ will do his pooja. Pandit ji asks AJ to start

Arti. AJ lits the candle. Guddan is shocked. She sees the dia is falling. Guddan saves it. Guddan says antra is something to me too. You should do pooja with me. Dadi says she is right. AJ says okay. AJ and Guddan do the pooja together. Guddan hand has burned. AJ says why didn’t you tell me it was burning. She says it would have burned yours otherwise. AJ applies cream on her hand. AJ says you could say that it was burning.

Guddan comes to Rawat’s room and says tea. He says enough. You must be here to mock me and celebrate. She says I am not here for anything. Have this sweet. He says I would eat it but not with sweets He adds spices in it and eats the sweet. Guddan says what are you doing. He eats it and says go now. He says I love my sister, that AJ will be exposed.
Guudan says in heart I know your anger but you are doing it in a wrong way. Guddan sees her mother’s picture is not on board. It is next to Antra’s picture. Guddan says ma how your picture came in? AJ says I got it in. Your mom’s picture deserves to be here. Guddan gives a teary smile.
Druga says Guddan spilled Antra’s fav vegetable. Dadi says antra is only bringing them closer. SHe is part of AJ’s life.
AJ says we both know what is it like to lose someone. I know you must miss your mom a lot. AJ brings arti and says do arti of ma. She says I did pooja with you for antra. Do the arti with me. Ma will like it. They do the arti together.
Rawat gets a call. His cassette is recovered. He says I am coming. this is my moment. Get ready to pay for your sins AJ.
Guddan wakes up and sees AJ sleeping on the couch. Guddan says why do you keep coming here? AJ is sleeping. Yeah says yea he will be sleeping in jail now. I will have the proof in a few minutes.

Precap-Rawat gets the cassette.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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