Ishqbaaz 20th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Shivaansh says its some confusion, why would I refuse for heart transplant, what can we do now. Doctor says I will talk to department and let you know. Shivaansh goes to see Mannat. He gets shocked seeing everyone panicking for Radhika. He finds Radhika choked. Mannat helps Radhika spit the stuck food. Radhika says thanks for saving my life. Shivaansh says mine too. He holds Mannat’s hand. He asks where did you learn this from. Mannat says Julie has taught this. He asks who. She says she is someone, I can’t tell you. She goes. He says I can’t understand this girl, she cheated and married me, she cancelled my surgery, then she takes care of Nani, she saved Radhika, what does she want, I have to find out, how shall I check a girl’s bag, it will be wrong, but if I don’t do it, how will I find

out. He takes her bag and checks. He gets many things.

He says is this a bag of a treasure chest. He gets a sickle and says what, a weapon, this is her plan, she wants to kill me and get my property, so she cancelled my surgery, Ms Mannat Kaur Khurana, I won’t let you succeed in your plan. He keeps everything bag in her plan. He hides the sickle and says what will she do without her weapon. He rests to sleep. Mannat comes there. He acts to be sleeping. She checks her bag. She thinks I m very smart, cutest, but how could I forget to get my night suit. He thinks she is finding the weapon to kill me. She thinks I can’t sleep in these clothes. She gets thread and needles. She thinks what materials to use to make a night dress. She goes to him with a needle.
Shivaansh thinks maybe she has seen the weapon. She thinks to make a night dress using the pillow cover. He gets up and shouts, you want to kill me using this weapon. She gets shocked. She moves back. They fall in the pool. Dhadkano me…..plays…. They have an eyelock. He shouts. She says sorry, the needle…. She asks why are you roaming around with this needle. She says I thought to sew a night suit with a pillow cover. He asks why didn’t you carry the night suit. She says I will be careful next time. He says stay there. He holds her hand and says don’t move, shoo…. I m taking this, don’t follow me. He goes. He gets a night suit for her. She dries the pillow cover and says sorry, I didn’t do this intentionally. He says its okay, have this, its Radhika’s dress. She thanks him. Shivaansh and Khanna are going to meet doctor. Nani stops Shivaansh and says its Mannat’s first rasoi rasam today.
Shivaansh says I will come soon. Avi comes and says you people blame me that I forget things, everyone is talking about your marriage. Everyone smiles and checks the news. Varun looks on and thinks perfect, I just wanted this, the world believes that Mannat is Shivaansh’s wife, so that when he dies, she gets his property, I will take everything from him, Mannat will kill Shivaansh. Doctor says that heart is still available, we must check if your body can bear the intense operation, we shall get some tests done. Shivaansh agrees. Varun calls Mannat and says there is a work for you. She refuses. He says I will get your house bombed this time, so that your family dies. She says no, I will do as you say. He asks her to pick the medicines and replace them with Shivaansh’s medicines, that’s kept in his drawer. She gets the medicines and says its similar to the medicines which Shivaansh takes. She says if I replace the original ones with fake ones, Shivaansh may fall in danger, I can’t do this, I won’t let this blackmailer create more havoc. She throws the medicines.
Shivaansh comes and asks what are you doing. He gets his medicines. He says oh, so you are replacing genuine medicines with fake ones, you changed my medical papers too. She says I swear, I didn’t do anything. He says I caught you red-handed, you will say someone is blackmailing you. She says yes, he is calling me from this number, he wants to harm you, I didn’t harm you, trust me once. Shivaansh asks Khanna to get the number details. He asks Khanna are you sure about this. He scolds Mannat. He says you are still lying to me, you fell in my eyes again, you gave me this number, its out of service for the last five years. She says no, its some confusion. He says your fake tears can’t cheat me. She says I m not lying. He says its time for you to go to jail.
She says trust me once, I m saying the truth. He goes. She cries. She says I m not lying, how do I convince him, Julie used to say, where worlds fail, our actions do the work, I have to help myself, only then God will help me, I won’t tell him the truth now, I will show him the truth, I will not cry now. Nani asks Mannat to come for rasoi rasam. Shivaansh asks where are you going. Mannat says for cooking ritual. He says I insulted you, you are so shameless, you are still doing rasam, will you not answer me. Mannat says someone said, when you want to achieve something, talk less and work more. He asks who said it. She says I did, when you don’t want me to talk or you don’t want to listen to me, what’s the use for me to talk, I have all the answers, but I won’t answer you. He asks will you add poison in my food. She says you will know it after eating the food. She goes.
Shivaansh asks what are you adding in it. Mannat says pistachio. He asks just pistachio, or something else. Varun jokes that Mannat is adding poison in halwa. Shivaansh says maybe.
Update Credit to: Amena

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