Ishqbaaz 25th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Khanna says your medicine is ending. Shivaansh says my story is ending, don’t know doctor still insists me on taking medicines. Khanna says there is a saying, as long as you are breathing, there is hope, here is your medicine, I will get more. Shivaansh says life is short, but I m proud that I got a friend like you. Khanna says you know something, I will do everything it takes to save your life. Shivaansh says take it easy, I m really glad you remember this. Khanna says no, Mannat remembered and got this medicines. Nani asks Shivaansh why didn’t Mannat and he come to temple for puja. Shivaansh gets on the sofa. He calls the servant. Nani says I m talking to you. Shivaansh gets rude to Nani and everyone. Nani asks where is Mannat. He throws the cushion which hits Nani. They get shocked. He says I

have thrown out Mannat, I dropped her where she belongs. Nani asks what do you mean. Shivaansh says I dropped her where she used to live. He argues with Nani. He says I won’t make any maid my wife, I m not good, I m bad. Nani asks what happened to you. He asks Khanna to send coffee for him. He thinks so sorry guys, I m in more pain than you all.

Mannat talks to someone regarding job. She sees Varun and his wife’s pic. She says its about Radhika’s life, I have to tell her, call Shivaansh and tell him everything. He asks Khanna to disconnect the call. Khanna says she said its imp. Shivaansh throws the phone. Mannat says its very imo, he is not answering, what shall I do. Shivani asks Nani not to act like kids and have food. Nani says Shivaansh is being rude to everyone, he is riding a bike, drinking alcohol, hurting everyone, I don’t know what the matter is saying, if he had his mum today…. Sahil says so what, he has his uncle. Shivani and everyone hug him. Nani hugs Sahil. She says we needed you a lot. Sahil says we are connected by heart, we have come. Nani says don’t know what happened to Shivaansh. Nani says you have come, you explain him. Shivaansh comes. Sahil goes to hug him and loses balance. Shivaansh holds him. Sahil says give me a hug at least. Shivaansh says I would have hugged you if you came to meet me, you would have come on Nani’s saying to control me, stop advising me. Sahil says whenever world taunted me, you used to protect me, you are taunting me, you were my good nephew. Shivaansh says now, I m bad. Nani says Sahil wants to support you. Shivaansh taunts Sahil. Nani asks him to stop it now. Shivaansh says you had heart attacks twice, if this happens for the third time, we will be hurt. He throws his phone and says I don’t like anyone’s interference. He goes. Nani cries.
Mannat calls him again and says how will I tell him about Varun. Radhika answers the call. Mannat says don’t disconnect the call, its about Radhika, I have seen Varun in Mumbai yesterday. Radhika cries. Mannat says I will send the pics to you, I know you love Radhika a lot, sorry. She sends the pic. Radhika gets shocked seeing the pic. The lawyer says it will take six months to get divorced. Shivaansh says I can’t wait, make a new clause that after I die, my siblings will get equal shares, my wife won’t get anything. The lawyer says fine, I will make the new will. Shivaansh says I will make sure that Mannat doesn’t get anything. Radhika calls Varun and asks where are you. He says Pune. She says lie, I know you are in Mumbai.
He says yes, I m planning a surprise for you, I m at factory. She leaves. He worriedly calls his wife and says I think Radhika to know my truth, what am I supposed to do now. She goes and collides with Sahil. He asks what happened. She says factory and goes…. He asks factory…. Radhika comes to meet Varun at factory. He says pest control is going on here. He hugs her. She pushes him. She asks why did you cheat me. He asks what. She says you told me that you are going Pune. He says I was in Pune, I came back for urgent work. She says you said you are planning surprise for me. He says I will plan surprise after ending my small work. She says your small work didn’t end since yesterday. He says I was in Pune yesterday. She says stop lying, I know the truth.
She shows the pic and asks who is this girl with you. He says this is not me, I don’t know this girl, I swear on you, you are my wife. She says yes, but you have someone else in your life, you didn’t give me wife’s place, you cheated me. He shouts yes, I cheated you, what will you do, don’t act like helpless woman, thank me for marrying you, you have a defect in your eye, sorry, I told this in anger. She says you lied to me, you cheated me, you think I m overreacting, Shivaansh said right, I m obsessed with you, you are a big fraud, how could I see. He says I love you Radhika. She throws things at him. Someone comes there. Varun says please listen to me. She pushes him and goes to hit him. Shivaansh gets Sahil’s call. He gets shocked. He asks what’s the matter, I will be there. He goes to the factory and sees Radhika and Varun unconscious, Varun stabbed.
Radhika asks where is Varun. Shivaansh says I have killed Varun. Everyone gets shocked. He gets arrested.
Update Credit to: Amena

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