Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with the man saying you can’t miss any rehearsals. Kartik thinks Naira won’t remember the special day in our life. The man says if rehearsals go well, I will give a party, the best step from you all will be included in our choreography, you can get your partners just for one day. The students get glad. Kartik thinks my valentines is in front of me, she will be with me forever. Naira says I don’t know if I ever had a boyfriend, my brother would be knowing, I will ask him, he told me that I was very close to him, he is the one who took much care of me. The girls see Kartik seeing Naira, and talk of their chemistry. Manish says Kartik isn’t replying, why is he so busy. Akhilesh says he may fall in any problem. Manish says we will make him more busy, I will ask

manage to burden work on him. Akhilesh says you are right, we can try to stop the things from our end. Naira sees the cupboard falling. Kartik holds it. He asks are you okay. She says yes, but are you fine. He says absolutely, I will always protect you. She says I find you cute like a frog, and sometimes strong like a lion, I don’t know. He recalls her words. He says I m a cute frog, you are like a strong lioness. She says no, you don’t say anything, I talk a lot. He sees Naksh coming. He goes upstairs. Naira goes and turns to see Kartik.

She leaves. She says I didn’t feel dance is new for me, everyone was friendly and praised my dance, Jeet Sir asked if I like classical or western dance, I told I know dance, not its form. He says you know every form of dance. She says you know everything about me. He says yes, we were very close. She asks did I had any BF. He applies brakes while driving and says no. She says Jeet asked us to get our dates along, so I was asking. He says there was no one. He thinks I won’t let anyone tell you, I won’t allow anyone to trouble you more. Naira thinks thank God, there was no one, Sid is strange, but cute. Manish says call from mum’s phone, he may answer call. Kartik comes home and asks what happened, I m here. Surekha asks was Kartik drinking alcohol again. Manish asks where were you, we called you for some work. Kartik says I has some work. Manish asks him to focus on business. Akhilesh says we know you are worried for Naira, but you have to see work also. Kartik says I studied the project report and mailed you also, its fine, we have a meeting tomorrow, I will handle all the accounts, excuse me, I have to go now. He goes.
Surekha says Kartik must have felt that he has to keep himself busy. Dadi says he knows Naira has forgotten him and Naksh won’t let them meet. Surekha says no one can certainly say that Naira will come back. Naksh says don’t get me wrong, just try to understand, you don’t remember anything, we told you that we are your family, you had to believe us, if anyone tells the same to you, don’t believe them easily, the world is a bad place, you can’t trust anyone easily, you come and tell me, we will tell you if person is right or not, make friends, but not so fast, people are not the way they appear. She asks why do you always say this, is everyone bad. He says no, how will you know who is right and wrong. She says we know that from mind, I didn’t doubt you all, maybe somebody else tells me and… He says no, we won’t take risk, you will listen to us and understand. He asks her to go and take rest. She says I will take my medicines. He says I will send food for you. He goes. She says I was about to tell him everything, he is short tempered, I will tell him later.
She smiles thinking of Kartik. She sees Kirti with the baby. She takes Krish from her and goes. Kirti looks on. Everyone smiles. Naira says baby, shall I tell you something, today I loved the dance class, I liked dancing with him, I need to do more dance, I will do it tomorrow. Kirti says Naira is rotating Krish, he may get scared. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask her not to worry, Krish is happy with Naira. Naira says I m so stupid, I told silly thinks and didn’t take his number. She sees the landline and says you gave me a good idea, how will I get landline number, I will get the number. She calls the dance class and says I want contact number of Sid, do you have landline number, I don’t want mobile number. The lady says I will send both the numbers. Naira plays with Krish. She gets the numbers. She says yes, I m gathering courage to call him. She calls Kartik. Kartik, Manish and Akhilesh are working. Lav and Kush answer the call on landline. She says I m talking from the bank, I have to talk to Sid about his bank statement. Lav says sorry, there is no Sid here. She asks are you sure. He says you mean we don’t know, hot stupid. He ends call. She says what shall I do now, should I try calling on mobile. She calls Kartik. He looks on.
Kartik thinks to call Naira and talk. Naira thinks you didn’t come Sid, I m coming. She sees Goenka villa.
Update Credit to: Amena

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