Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Kartik saying where could have Naira gone. Naira tries to cross the road. Devyaani asks Kirti to relax well. Bhabhimaa says Krish has slept. Kirti sees Krish sleeping. Two ladies come home and invite them for daughter’s marriage. Devyaani says congrats. They say get Naira along, we are sad for her, like she accepted that this is her house, she would have accepted her Sasural, you do come in Jagran. They leave. Devyaani says did they come to invite us or give advice. Bhabhimaa says they said right. Naksh says no way, you know wrong happened with Naira, you want her to get more hurt, I will handle all her joys and sorrow. Devyaani says if Naira and Kartik get together, she will have high chances to recover.
Naira calls out driver. He doesn’t listen.

She looks inside the gate. She hears some sound and says a blast happened as soon as I arrived. Manish and everyone rush to see what happened. They ask Kartik to be careful. Dadi sees someone at the gate. Naira says shall I go in and help, what will I do, I should just go back. Kartik sees Naira. O morey saiyyan….plays….

Naksh says these ladies won’t be allowed in our house now. Kirti says they were having a general conversation. Naksh says Devyaani didn’t tell them anything. Kirti says its better to be quiet. He says inform Devyaani that we are coming home after picking Naira. She says why did we go there, we didn’t spend time together. He says my mood is spoiled. She says I worry for our relation. He says this is a testing time, I need your support, not taunts and fights, I can’t help it. Kartik runs out. Dadi asks where is Kartik. She calls out Kittu. Kartik and Naira hide. Surekha says we are lucky to get saved. Kartik asks what brings you here. He sees kachoris and thinks is her memory back. He asks do you remember everything. She says yes, I mean, no, I wasn’t thinking about you. She makes excuses. He says it was a short circuit, everything is fine. She says thank God, I thought what will your family think, my car broke down so I was walking and passed by, I knew the address, I thought to share the kachori, but it fell down, do you like kachoris.
He says yes. She says sorry, I will get it tomorrow, what happened to you, stomach ache or headache. He says nothing. She says I was worried about you, I was waiting. She says we are dance partners, so we had to practice together, are you fine. He says yes, sorry, I won’t miss it next time. She asks what’s your other name. He asks what. She asks don’t people get confused, Sid, Siddharth, Ka…. He thinks no, you shouldn’t know it. He sees the family. He asks her to come. She asks where are we going, why are we running, tell me, hello. He calls out rickshaw and asks her to go home. She says I don’t want to go, I want to talk to you, sorry, I didn’t think about you, I got to know your other name, Kittu, does that aunty call you by this name, was she your Dadi or Nani. He says she is my Dadi. She says Kittu is a strange name. She laughs. He smiles. Lav and Kush pick kachoris. Dadi says I saw a girl near the gate, I didn’t see.
Manish says maybe Amar ordered this for Kartik. Akhilesh says Naira doesn’t remember anything. Manish says you always look for Naira. She asks where is Kittu, call him here, maybe its Naira, so he has gone. Naira asks auto driver to leave. She says its not as bad, I mean its cute, just like you. She pulls Kartik’s cheeks and laughs. Raahatein….plays….. he thinks of her. Naksh and Kirti come to dance class. Naksh says inform Naira that we are waiting. The lady asks him to wait and inform them when she gets free. The lady says I know Naira has gone somewhere, she has taken Sid’s address, what shall I do now and tell Naira’s brother. The couples run and ask Kartik and Naira to run as well. Kartik and Naira see some men coming. Kartik recalls the similar incident of the past. Naira also recalls few things.
Naira shouts how dare you hit my Kartik. She beats the men. Kartik gets shocked.
Update Credit to: Amena

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