Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th February 2019 Episode Written Update


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Munna walks absentmindedly. Swati’s words echo in his head. People tell him something but he walks away without paying any heed to them. Pundit notices him thus and asks him if the car is ready? Munna nods. Pundit asks him to come for the group photo. He takes Munna on stage with him. Sameer asks him where he was. Pundit replies that he was decorating your car. Naina tells Munna to smile. See who is here. Munna and Swati smile awkwardly at each other. Relations should be fine. Spellings don’t matter! Pundit is impressed by his dialogue. The spelling seems fine. Preeti tells them to pose for the photos. They keep changing positions for the photos. Munna stands in the back next to Swati upon photographer’s request. Photographer makes Swati and Munna hold the banner together. Swati

tells them she will keep it safely for their wedding. Sameer seconds her. I will put this on your car once you both get married. Munna shakes his head but then covers up saying that he will get a bigger one. Photographer asks the couple’s friends to dance and make this day memorable for the couple. They happily agree. Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai plays in the background as they all start dancing.

Voiceover – Naina:
No one hid the shoes in the wedding but so many people were hiding lot many things that day. Preeti and Kamya were hiding the truth about Swati’s Roka from me. Swati and Munna were hiding their pain from each other. Sameer was hiding the fact that he was upset with me while I was hiding the truth about my hairdo. Everyone was unhappy from inside but they were smiling for the group photo.
Munna walks away with the Just Married banner.
Vishakha stops Munna and Pundit from looking after the guests. It should be done from the bride’s side. Munna and Pundit sit down happily. Anand and Bela serve food to Sameer’s family. Bobby holds his hand pointedly but Vishakha thanks Anand politely. Mama ji asks him about Rakesh. Anand says he must be busy in something. Bobby says what could be more important than this. He should have been here right now. Anand and Bela excuse themselves on the pretext of bringing sweets. Mama ji murmurs that sweets wont fix the bitterness. Vishakha notices Sameer and Naina sitting quietly and asks them to eat. They are about to take a bite on their own but Vishakha tells them to feed each other. Sameer is reluctant but Naina requests him to do it for Vishakha’s sake. He still makes a straight face so she ends up pinching him. She quickly makes him eat the bite when he shouts in pain. It is Sameer’s turn now. He makes her eat chilli. She eats it but her eyes well up immediately. Title track plays. Sameer offers her water. She says the one who is responsible for this pain will offer me water now. He keeps the glass down but he melts down seeing her in tears. He feeds her water. Vishakha smiles seeing them together. Naina wipes her tears. Mama ji makes noise while eating food. Mami ji tells him to be careful. Videographer is making your video. Mama ji asks the videographer if he needs it in writing that he was in the wedding. This shouldn’t come in the final video or I wont spare you! Let me eat in peace. Videographer gets tensed. Vishakha asks Sameer to change for the puja.
Everyone is seated for pheras. Phula Bua asks Anand if he checked outside. Anand says I checked everywhere. They wonder if someone said anything to Rakesh. Bela is worried about Kanyadaan ritual. Anand tells her to look after the guests and goes.
Munna and Pundit ask Pundit ji how they can identify that a man is married. A woman wears
Munna tells Pundit that the husband’s sad face is enough to give away the truth. They all smile. Mami ji gestures them to be quiet. Munna looks at Swati while smiling and his smile turns artificial.
Bobby is reluctant to be a part of this ritual but Mama ji takes him along.
Rinki tells Sameer that the bride will take time. Shall I sit next to you in between? Preeti makes her sit next to her. Preeti and Pundit tease each other.
Anand gives almond milk to Mama ji who taunts him on that too. It is called progress! Servant serves tea to Bobby and Mami ji. Mama ji asks about Rakesh again. Bobby says he must be tired pretending to smile. He isn’t habitual of smiling. Mami ji laughs at his joke. Mama ji says they are the ones joking here. You got us here but Rakesh is nowhere to be seen. We are not feeling happy without him. Someone tells Anand there is a call for him.
Anand is surprised to hear Rakesh’s voice. Where are you? Everyone has been asking about you. It is time for pheras. Rakesh recalls Naina’s words and gets teary eyed. Anand asks Rakesh if everything is fine. Rakesh informs Anand that he cannot come in the wedding. I can come only if Bhaisahab and Bhabhi ji come too. Anand says it is their daughter’s wedding only. They are most welcome. Who is stopping them from coming here? Rakesh replies that no one has invited them to the wedding. Come here to take them. We will go together then. Anand calls it impossible. Rakesh tells him to make it possible. If you want me to be there and want me to do Naina’s kanyadaan then you have to make this impossible possible. Tai ji disconnects the phone. Rakesh paces restlessly. His hands shake as he pours water for himself. Tai ji thinks Anand will have to come here at any cost now or the wedding wont happen. Rakesh cries while drinking water.
Bela tells Anand she had a doubt Bhabhi ji will do something like this. She cannot see anyone happy. What will we tell people now? How will Naina’s kanyadaan happen? Anand says only Rakesh Bhaisahab will do it. I am going to bring him. Bela is worried but he tells her he can forget everything for Naina’s happiness. He turns to go when Naina stops him. You call me your daughter right? He nods. She tells him he wont go anywhere. She gives him her swear.
Pundit ji asks for Naina. Mama ji points out that entire family of bride is missing right now. Till now it was just Rakesh who wasn’t here! Sameer hears it too.
Naina says you have taught me a lot till date but most importantly, you have taught me to live with my self-respect. It will be the biggest defeat for me if you compromise with your self-respect now. Why cant you do my kanyadaan? Bela reasons that Rakesh is still there. She reminds her of the childhood story about Yashoda Ma and Devki Ma. Anand is worried about the society but Naina does not mind. Papa might not be doing my kanyadaan but he will always remain in my heart. I wont like / accept it if you will bend your head in front of him or anyone!
Precap: Rakesh watches Naina and Sameer from far as they take pheras around the holy fire. He has covered his head with a shawl. He turns to go when Bela calls out to him.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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