Ishq Subhan Allah 4th March 2019 Episode Written Update


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Scene 1
All are in car. Zeenat says thank God Amaan is safe. Amaan says nothing could happen to me as Kabir was with me, he kept fooling them. Kabir thinks soon Salamat and Samir will be arrested. Kabir says Zara is real hero. She brought me up and saved me. Zara smiles at him. Shahbaz says we are going to sharia board for Kabir’s ceremony. Zeenat says drop us home, my son is in trauma. Kashan says he is fine, its Kabir’s big day, he says to Kabir that God gave me lesson today by putting my son in danger, I am sorry. Shahbaz says I will drop Zeenat home.
Kabir, Zara and Shahbaz comes to sharia board. Irfan asks Kabir if he is fine? Shahbaz says I am sorry to be part of it but had to come for my son. Kabir gets inspector’s call that Salamat and Samir are on run, we

are trying to locate them.

Ayesha says thank God my kids are safe. Samir calls Zeenat. zeenat says I told you to not kill anyone, you tried to hurt my son. Samir says it happened, now take care of police, if police try to catch us then it wont be good for you and your son, he ends call.
Kabir gets ready as head priest. Zara prays for his success. Irfan takes his oath. Kabir says I take oath to walk on God’s path and find solution to problems. He sits on head chair. Irfan says vice priest position is empty, I want to request to choose Zara for it. Kabir says I am head priest for some days so I dont need vice priest and there is no need to choose woman for this position as she cant become head. Irfan says you are head so I wont argue with you, I have to leave.
Zeenat doesnt look at microwave, it blasts. Ayesha asks if everything is fine? She nods. Ayesha says Zara is an angel in our lives, she saved them today too so please dont have grudge against her. End it.
Zara tells about a case to Kabir. She says that Heer has been selected to go to Delhi’s school, her father doesnt want her to go alone and she doesnt have sibling. Kabir says her father seems right but I will read more. Zara says Kabir.. sorry head, we have to think about others and take others opinions as well. Kabir says yes but I will take decision as per guidance of my religion.
Kabir comes home. Ayesha hugs him and says thank God you are fine, she gives for his safety. Zeenat calls Kashan to room, he leaves. Ayesha hugs Zara and says you proved to be a daughter. Shahbaz hugs Kabir’s turban and says my dream is fulfilled.
Scene 2
Kashan says to Zeenat that Kabir saved my son and proved his love for us. Zeenat says this is happening because of Kabir and Zara, they made Alina marry Amir, they made Salamat and Samir against us. Kashan says I am going to talk to Salamat and Samir, they tried to kill my brother and son so they have to pay now.
Zara sits with Kabir in room. Kabir gets inspector’s call who says to keep an eye on Samir’s movement. Kashan comes there and says I am sorry Kabir, you are most important to me, I want to be part of family. Kabir says you did too much, I want time. Kashan nods and leaves. Servant tells Zara that some girl is here to meet you. Kabir says you wont talk about sharia board matters here, we will decide with guidance of Islam only.
Heer meets Zara and says you have always fought for women, I want you to help me go and study, your husband is head priest now. Zara looks on.
PRECAP- Zara tells Kabir that Heer asked me to request you. Kabir says read this file and now this case is not between sharia board and her, its between head priest and Zara.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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