Manmohini 4th March 2019 Episode Written Update


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Siya prays Matarani to protect Ram. Mallika walks to her and says her little bunny Vivian has not returned to palace yet. Siya says according to plan, he should have returned by now. Mallika continues yelling that she sent Vivian to chudail t save herself. They hear Vivian shouting and pleading for help. Mohini tortures Vivian and waits for Siya to come out of temple. Siya tells Mallika that they cannot go out as chudail is waiting for them outside. Mallika insists and continues yelling. Siya walks out apologizing Ram for breaking her promise not to get out of temple until he returns. Ram drives his jeep towards Shiv temple hoping Siya is safe in temple.
Siya walks out of temple back into haveli and searches Mohini and Vivian. She hears Dayimaa’s voice pleading Mohini not to torture Vivian more. She searches her everywhere. Mohini hides her behind walls. Siya does not find here anywhere. Dayimaa continues calling Siya. Tired Siya sits calling Mohini to come in front of her. Mohini emerges and asks if she was calling her and taunts her that she called her out of temple so easily. Siya asks to spare Vivian first. Mohini says she will not spare him as he did a big mistake to support her. Their argument ensues. Mohini shows her real chudail face. Siya reminisces Dayimaa telling Ram’s name is very pious and only pure hearted people can take it, evil souls will stammer if they take Ram’s name. She provokes Mohini that only she loves Ram and Mohini’s 500-year-old love is just a fad. Mohini continues yelling. Siya asks her to take Ram’s name then. Mohini tries to leave. Siya holds her hand and insists. Mohini frees her hand and flying in air chants Mara Mara Mara…and asks Siya what she wants to say now.
Ram drives his jeep towards shiv temple and sees Aghori sadhus dancing near temple. Sadhus stop seeing Ram and greeting him as Sisodia king Rana Bhanuprataph say the knew he would return. Ram stands amused.
Precap: Siya challenges Siya that her love will complete when Siya will die.
Siya throws trap on her saying to save herself before killing her and picks amantrit salt.
Update Credit to: MA

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