Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th March 2019 Episode WrittenUpdate


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There are a line of plates kept in front of Naina. Munna and Pundit ask Vishakha if they will eat here today. Vishakha and Mami ji tell them the ritual. Naina is asked to keep one plate on top of another and hand them to her MIL. You shouldn’t make any noise while doing it or you will fail the DIL test. Naina shakes her head. She looks at the plates worriedly. Munna and Pundit remind her to wake the Naina Devi inside her. While you were a monitor, no one could say anything in front of you! Show your magic. Sameer whispers to Naina to be careful. It is about our respect. Mami ji asks him what he is whispering. He says I was reminding her how she hasn’t lost till date. Munna and Pundit second him. She will do it in no time. They shift the plates left and right.
Voiceover – Naina:

should be balanced in both life and cooker. When the pressure shifts, there is a blast. I was going through something similar hat day. I was a topper but I messed up everything because of pressure that day!

Naina makes a little noise initially but she does it quietly much to Mami ji’s disappointment. She ends up dropping them all in the end. Mami ji and all the ladies make fun of Naina. Vishakha, Sameer, Munna and Pundit feel bad for Naina. Mami ji taunts Naina over it. She tells Vishakha that her DIL is going to make lots of noise in the house. Other ladies support Mami ji. Sameer holds Nainaäs hand thereby bringing a smile on her face.
Preeti wakes up in the middle of the night shouting Naina’s name. Rinki asks her if she is fine. Bela also asks her if she saw a bad dream. Preeti tells her to call Naina. She needs me. Bela says marriage does not break relations. She needs all of us. Preeti says I made a mistake. I should have gone with her. Bela nods. You should have been given away in dowry. Naina has to make her own path. She is your sister and friend but she is also someone’s wife and DIL now. Rinki shares that she has decided she will ask her husband to shift to her house after wedding.
Mami ji says it’s time we sleep. She asks Poonam to get a mattress for Naina before Ganpati idol. Sameer asks her about it. Mami ji shares that the DIL sleeps in front of Ganpati idol on her wedding night. She crosschecks with Naina who nods in affirmation. Sameer speaks against it but ladies taunt him to be in a hurry. Devang and Poonam tell the newlyweds to abide by the tradition. This is what we also did. Sameer is against Naina sleeping on the floor but Vishakha reasons it is tradition. She tells Naina about tomorrow’s puja. You have to make bhog too. Naina nods.
Voiceover _ Sameer:
I feel angry even today when I think of that night. Naina and I had to spend our first night separately because of everyone! We had planned so much but I dint know I will have two Langoors instead of my wife!
Naina goes with the ladies while Munna and Pundit take Sameer upstairs.
Sameer breaks the decor in his room angrily. Mummy pokes for no reason. She created a random ritual out of nowhere! Don’t know how Naina will sleep in her new house on her first day. He heads inside the washroom. Munna and Pundit get thinking. Pundit tells Munna a plan.
Pundit comes back inside the room dressed in a lehenga. He sits on the bed while Munna hides under the bed. Sameer comes out of his room and switches on the lights. He smiles looking at Pundit (thinking him to be Naina). I knew that there is no such ritual. They were just pulling my leg. I cannot believe it that it is true. It seems like a dream. He asks for a lip kiss. Pundit shakes his head vigorously. Sameer points out that they are married now. Why are you wearing this veil? Pundit starts shaking. Sameer switches on romantic music. Munna is all smiles under the bed. Sameer struggles for the bed. Lift your veil. What’s the point as the song will change soon! Pundit finally lifts his veil and laughs at Sameer. Munna laughs out loud too. Sameer pushes them both on the bed and hits them. Munna tells Sameer he wont sleep alone tonight. We will sleep with you. They drag him between them and lie down. Sameer shouts.
Naina is readying her bed. Sameer comes downstairs with his friends. Pundit tells Sameer to go to her on the pretext of giving her pillow. Naina and Sameer notice each other. Sameer goes to give her the pillow but Vishakha stands in between. He points at the pillow but Mami ji shows him another one. This is for Naina only. Do you like the colour? He goes back. Naina smiles. Sameer tries going to her with a jug of water but Vishakha points at Mami ji who shows him another jug. What will she do with so much water? Will she bathe here? Sameer heads back. Naina continues smiling. Sameer gets mortein coils form his friends this time but meets the same fate. Sameer withdraws as he is left with no more excuses. He is about to go upstairs but his friends stop him. Pundit picks a towel and sends him to give it to Naina. Vishakha blocks his way again. Why don’t you bring a bed? He nods. I will bring a folding bed. She points at her hand. How about a folding slap? Mami returns with a blanket for Naina. She will sleep peacefully. Naina smiles seeing Sameer’s condition but then gets sad seeing him head upstairs with his friends.
Upstairs, Sameer is sitting unhappily on his bed.
Voiceover – Sameer and Naina:
Our Suhagraat was equally different like our love story. We were actually separated that night.
Naina lies down on the mattress.
Voiceover – Naina and Sameer:
I thought I will listen to Sameer the entire night. But I had to hear Munna and Pundit’s snores that night.
Precap: Sameer and Naina are in their room. They are talking when everyone knocks at the door. The walk in and are stunned to see them together.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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