Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th March 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Naira saying how will I remove this bracelet, it got stuck, but why should I. She smiles and likes it a lot. Kartik looks on and says anniversary celebration is done but our story is still incomplete, when will that be complete. He goes when Kirti comes. Kirti sees Naira with the bracelet and recalls that Kartik selected this for Naira when she was checking designs online. She says Naira, this bracelet. Naira says Neha gave this to me as a gift, everyone is gifting each other on valentines day. Kirti goes to shut window. She sees Kartik going.
Rishabh asks what happened Naksh, please tell me. Naksh says nothing. Rishabh says we used to share things in childhood, I agree that we didn’t share many things, you can tell me anything. Naksh says it seems that

everyone hates me, no one don’t understand me. Rishabh asks why, you are such a nice person. Naksh says they think I m adamant, that’s not the case, I worry for them, I don’t want to hurt them, Naira will be hurt when she remembers everything, doctor said that stress is her biggest enemy, still they want to tell Naira about Kartik. Rishabh asks Kartik? Naksh says yes, Kartik’s husband. Rishabh asks is Naira married, why isn’t Naira and her husband together. Naksh tells him.

Manish asks Dadi to have some food. Dadi says my willingly to live has ended, Naira was in front of me, I couldn’t call her. Manish says what will we tell Kartik, he will get more stressed, try to understand, have food. Dadi says one day they will know the truth, its my belief, remember this, they will both unite, everyone will be in shock. Kirti calls Manish and says I hope you didn’t feel bad knowing, did you tell Kartik. He says no, what are you saying, we didn’t tell anything to Kartik, come facts are better kept as secret. She says okay and ends call. She says maybe its better to hide this, else things can get more complicated. Naksh asks am I doing wrong, Naira’s bad memories will affect her, those memories will just harm her, I didn’t disclose her report detail to family, I don’t want them to get afraid, doctor said the clot recurring chances are high and Naira…. Rishabh asks him to calm down.
Its morning, Kartik says yes, I have come to market, Lav and Kush have to get some costumes for Shivratri. He sees poster and says there is nothing that doesn’t remind me of you Naira. Naira, Naksh and everyone are at another stall. Naira says they are looking so nice. Bhabhimaa says they are enacting Shiv and Parvati. Naira asks shall I become Parvati too, did I ask anything wrong, I will enact as Parvati, who will become my Shiv. Kartik is close. Rishabh says why don’t we dance together as Shiv and Parvati. She asks do you really know how to dance. He says you will know it soon. They go. Devyaani says stop him Naksh, just Kartik can become her Shiv.
Naksh says we are not talking about their marriage, but just playing Shiv Parvati. Naira and Rishabh talk. Naksh asks them to decide later, but take costume soon, shops are getting shut. Rishabh agrees. Naksh smiles. He says I m not villain in Naira’s life, I m doing this for her happiness. Naira says it would have been good if Sid was my dance partner. She calls Kartik and says Sid, I have to enact as Shiv and Parvati, can you dance with me. He says I can’t tell anything wrong, I will think and say. She says he disconnected the call, so much attitude. Rishabh says I forgot my dress. He goes. Naira says call back Sid, I have to get your dress. She tries a dupatta. Kartik sees her and smiles. He walks ti her. Rishabh comes to Naira. Kartik sees Naksh and goes to him. He asks what’s going on here, who is that guy with Naira. Naksh asks why do you care.
Kartik says I will go and ask him directly. Naksh says he is our childhood friend, he is from Cape town, I don’t want to talk to you. Naksh says if Naira comes, it will be a big trouble, don’t create this issue. Kartik says I know what action to take. Naksh says don’t come in our way, she has forgotten you, its good for us. Kartik says I m still there in her heart, I can prove it to you, but I won’t do it, she will get hurt. He says I m quiet as she is ill, else I won’t take much time to tell her who I m, fine, you can do anything, Naira’s real happiness lies in me. Naksh says her happiness lies in dance. Kartik thinks I wish you could see why she is happy in dance class. He asks Naksh to tell truth to Naira, that she is Kartik’s Naira, my wife, don’t challenge my love. Naksh says I have seen your love and cheat. Kartik says don’t repeat me, I wish you are never in my situation. Naksh says I wish you are never in my situation, I can do anything for her happiness, please leave. Naira turns to see.

Naira takes Kartik aside and asks will you be my dance partner, say yes. Kartik says no Naira, sorry.
Update Credit to: Amena

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