Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update


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Sameer wakes his friends. You are sleeping peacefully! He tries going to meet Naina but they pull him back in the bed between them. They hold his hands from each side and sleep.
Naina is thinking of Preeti and Bela.
Bobby is unable to sleep. Vishakha checks his head. Why dint you sleep yet? He shrugs her hand away. I cannot sleep. I haven’t been insulted like this before. She asks him who can insult him. He says how someone can insult me when you are here. She reasons that Kamlesh told her that he isn’t well. He offered to do the ritual himself. Bobby taunts her on her acting. You can do that as much as you want till we are here. Once we go back, you can pretend to be a nice wife. Switch off the lights. I have to sleep. Don’t wake me early tomorrow. He turns his back to

her. Vishakha looks on helplessly.

Preeti sits up. Rinki is sleeping peacefully next to her. Preeti comes quietly to the living room and calls on Sameer’s landline. Bela snatches the phone out of her hand just then. Preeti tells her she cannot sleep. Bela asks her if Naina will sing lullaby for her. Preeti hugs her mother. Let me call once. Bela points at the clock. Preeti agrees to disconnect after ringing just one bell. She must be missing me. Bela is reluctant but the landline rings just then. Preeti picks the phone and takes Naina’s name. They tell each other how they are missing one another. Preeti smiles emotionally. Bela asks Naina if she did the thaali ritual nicely. Naina tells her the truth. Bela says everyone must be thinking that we dint tell you anything. Preeti takes the phone from her. How is your room? Naina replies that she is in temple tonight. Bela recalls that Naina must be in front of Vinayak ji tonight and speaks to Naina. Preeti takes the phone again. She tells Naina to tell Sameer about her hair disaster asap. Naina agrees and ends the call.
Munna and Pundit notice Sameer sitting lost on the bed. They think to sleep leaving him alone but Sameer shows them the door. He feels bad that Naina will sleep on the floor. I cannot sleep on the bed too. His friends tell him to sleep wherever he wants to and go out. Sameer thinks of an idea and goes downstairs.
Naina is resting.
Voiceover – Sameer:
I saw Naina sleeping for the first time that day. It felt as if she is doing Dandvat Pranam.
He covers Naina with the duvet.
Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer did not know that I was sleeping in that position so my bun does not open.
Naina wakes up sensing someone’s presence and smiles broadly seeing Sameer. He keeps his finger on her lips to keep her from shouting. She asks him why he dint sleep till now. He replies that he couldn’t sleep without her. She feels shy. Even I couldn’t sleep. He gets happy thinking it will be because of him but she takes Preeti’s name. They both smile. He asks her to see their room. She is hesitant of being caught but he convinces her. He keeps the gathbandhan dupatta over his shoulder and heads upstairs with him. Sameer covers her eyes using his hand and closes the door as soon as they are inside. Naina finally opens her eyes upon his askance. She points out at the decor. He reminds her that it is for their Suhagraat. Kuch Na Kaho plays in the background as they share an eye lock. She complains that there is no photo of her in the room. He says you are in the room. Why do we need photos? She says you can only say dialogues. He agrees to put their pics from honeymoon. She adjusts her hair and sits on the bed. It is so soft unlike the one at my house. He offers to get it changed but she loves it. Chacha ji took us for outing and the bed there was equally soft. Preeti and I kept jumping on the bed all the time. He tells her to try it here too. She gets excited.
Mami ji comes outside and finds Naina missing.
Naina stands on the bed and starts jumping.
Mami ji looks upstairs.
Naina asks Sameer to join her too. It is so much fun. He complies.
Mami ji thinks of an idea.
Sameer and Naina are happily jumping on the bed when they hear Mami ji asking him to open the door. Naina and Sameer panic. There are other relatives too. Sameer steps down and helps Naina too. Mami ji knocks on the door continuously. Naina panics. I told you against it. I will be scolded again! He reminds her they are married. She reminds him of the ritual. We weren’t supposed to be here. Mami ji keeps knocking relentlessly. Naina thinks to jump from the balcony window but he reprimands her. It is too high. You will directly go up. She tells him not to scold her. What should we do? Sameer says they will misunderstand it. Naina asks him about it but he dismisses it. He is trying to remove the dupatta from his trouser when Mami ji manages to enter inside the room. She looks at Naina’s crumpled clothes and at the condition of the bed. She starts scolding Naina for being so restless. I told you to take Ganpati ji’s blessings tonight. Naina apologizes to her but Mami ji calls her shameless. Other ladies scold Naina too. Vishakha asks them what’s happening. Sameer tells his mother he brought Naina here to show her the room. The ladies laugh. Mami ji speaks about the signs. There was that mark on Sameer’s neck on haldi day. Naina asks her about it but Mami ji calls her too desperate. We understand it when it comes to guys but this girl is no less. Ladies taunt Vishakha. Mami ji and the ladies walk out of the room. Vishakha holds Naina’s hand and takes her with her. Sameer closes the door and throws his pillow on the floor. He lies down on the floor itself.
Vishakha tells Naina to sleep if she has a little shame left. Prabha was right! Naina looks on sadly. Mami ji murmurs that they should also sleep now. Who will waste a night after her? Naina and Sameer lie down in their respective rooms. Ye Raat Aur Ye Doorie song plays in the background. Sameer keeps tossing and turning restlessly.
Voiceover – Naina:
Naina says my friends gave me lots of names but I got a new name that day – restless DIL. I felt as if it was the title of the novels sold on railway platform.
Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina had to hear so much because of me that day. I also promised myself that Naina might have shed tears today but she will only smile from here on.
Precap: Naina is rebuking herself in the washroom for trying to become like Madhuri Dixit when Mami ji knocks at the door. Bathe quickly and use the shampoo kept inside. Naina touches her bun worriedly.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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