Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
AJ takes Guddan to er room. He says after what you have done for my family I am very grateful to you. You can do anything. She says I want to learn how to make cake. He says I will teach you.
Dadi come sand says wife and husband are making cake. Dadi says where is your mangalsutra? Go bring it. Revati calls Guddan. She says AJ is teaching me how to make cake. Guddan says in heart I will tell AJ everything. Guddan comes to AJ and says please tie my mangalsutra. He breaks it in anger. Everyone comes. he says you have no right to wear it. Guddan is dazed. She says please listen.. Durga says stop this drama. You thought you could fool us. WE all trusted you and you did this with us? Guddan says lie? Durga says you were with Rawat. You knew he was doing all this and you were helping him with the proofs. I heard you talking to him. AJ says is that true? Gudan says but. He says yes or no. She says yes. Gudna says please listen.. He says I don’t want to hear a word. AJ leaves in anger.
Durga says I always asked you tell me what truth is. We are defamed in the whole city but you didn’t care. Guddan says dadi would you listen to me.. Dadi says I don’t trust you anymore. Don’t talk to. She leaves.
Guddan is in tears. She picks her mangalsutra. AJ breaks things in anger. He says why did you do this Guddan. Guddan comes in. She says I know you are mad at me. He says I always trusted you when the whole world didn’t. And what did you do? You broke my trust. Guddan is crying. She says I am very sorry please listen to me once. He says I don’t want to listen to anything. Go from here. Guddan is crying.
Guddan sits in temple. She says lord Krishna why did all this happen? I thought everything was good and I would tell AJ everything. But then.. Perv comes and says I feel so bad for you. Perv syas poor aJ. His wife was spying on him. Revat comes and blackens his face. She says ever dare annoying my sister again. Perv says you will pay fo this. He leaves in anger. Guddan hugs Revati crying. She says I don’t know what to do. Revat says you didnt do anything wrong. I am with you. Guddan hugs her crying.
Precap-Dadi and everyone is mad at Guddan.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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