Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Guddan says to Durga see the plate is fixed. Durga says but the cracks are visible and it will break again.
A veiled woman comes to AJ’s house. Watchman stops her. AJ meets her in garage. She holds his hand. AJ says I asked you.. You don’t have to come here. Guddan comes ther eand says who was here.. The woman hides. AJ stops Guddan and says I asked you don’t interfere in my life. She says your file.. Guddan leaves. AJ asks the woman to sit in the car. Guddna says what is happening. Who opened the other door? Is there someone else with him in the car? Guddan follows him on her scooty.
AJ reaches that woman’s home. They go inside. Guddan comes there late. she sees tap from which AJ locks the door. She drinks water from there. AJ says someone is outside. Hide. Guddan gets a call from Durga and says I am coming. SHe leaves. AJ says thank God she didn’t see.
Scene 2
AJ comes home. Dadi says I know you are mad but you don’t have to stay out of the house. Why are you punishing yourself. He says I don’t want to talk about Guddan. Guddan gets a call from restaurant. He says AJ didn’t come to restaurant today. Can I speak to him.
Guddan sees a woman’s hair on AJ’s coat. Laxmi comes there see the hair. She say doesn’t look like your hair. Whose har is it? Where did you find it? On his coat? Is he seeing a woman outside? You don’t know how men are. Be careful. Guddan says it must be from home. She leaves.
Guddan comes to AJ. She says I thought you are perfect. There is something. You have not been going to restaurant. He says you have right to interfere in my work and question. she says this hair.. She says I matched it with everyone. This isn’t of anyone from the house. He says think what you want to I don’t have to answer you.
AJ picks his sheet. Se says where are you goin. He says you can sleep on this bed. This entire room is yours. Stay away from me. He leaves Guddan is in tears.
AJ is sneaking out of the house. He says Guddan shouldn’t know. Guddan sees him going.

Precap-Guddan follows AJ. He goes to that woman’s house.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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