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This Category is reserved for my favorite FF’s, OS, SS of mine and your’s favorite jodi! Shivika, RiKara, AvNeil, AdNi, MehrYa or to give them their due Shivaay Anika, Omkara Gauri, Advay Chandni, Shaurya Mehak and many more to come in future.

Meherya SS: Fatal Attraction

Character Sketch : Shaurya Khanna : He belonged to a rich powerful political family from Delhi …His world changed when his father’s enemies killed his parents and he took the wrong ways to get justice for his parents death…Now he has become a powerful Don by killing  his […]

Shivika SS: Mending Splinters

    Warning: Disturbing content ahead reader’s discretion advised. She felt chillness reach the marrow of her bone as he walked stealthily, his eyes spitting venom, hatred and whatnot! Feeling all her energy being sucked by the man in front of her, she moved back and he smiled […]